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Batman, the great detective there, using his master skills of deduction, in Justice League #32. Are they going to be able to put this frog back in the box any time soon? That war with Earth 2… could that be …

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Interesting Drug has come to the right place if they’re looking for weird people… welcome to a few thoughts about a few of today’s comics. Jim Gordon there, world class diver, fully clothed, feet down, from the top of a …

39 Thoughts About 39 Comics – Original Sin, Eltingville, Daredevil, Catwoman, Larfleeze, Justice League United, Red Lanterns, Batman/Superman, Dead Body Road, Sheltered, Uber, Crossed, Gravel, Lazarus, Five Ghosts, Fused, Skullkickers, 24, Eternal Warrior, Harbinger, Star Trek, Regular Show, Turtles, City, GI Joe, Robotech/Voltron, Godzilla, Ash, Moriarty, Game Of Thrones, Lady Rawhide, Danger Girl, Rogue Trooper, Transformers, Shotgun Wedding, Bravest Warriors, Midas Flesh, Evil Empire And Peanuts

Hulk got a rock? Now Watcher got a rock. Welcome to another look through the week’s comics, courtesy of friends and relatives. But how are you feeling today? Tense, nervous headache? If this were any other drama, you might expect …

Holy Moly – The First Teaser Trailer For Peanuts Looks Absolutely Fantastic

Everything is right. The lines, the textures, the music, the voice, Snoopy’s laugh, and the stylised animation.

First Look At Charlie Brown And Snoopy In The New, CG Peanuts Movie

This is, if nothing else, a rather unusual look. There’s a rather more simple texture to the CG than in many recent movies, and then there’s a very pen-like line style over the top. All things considered, it’s not scary. …

Thirty-Nine Thoughts About Thirty-Nine Comics – All New Invaders, Batman, Mighty Avengers, Batman And Robin, Hawkeye, Transformers, Animal Man, Origin II, X-Factor, Wonder Woman, Sex, Harley Quinn, Batwoman, X-Men, Midas Flesh, Jinnrise, Star Wars, Pretty Deadly, Deadly Class, Dead Body Road, Chew, Umbral, Krampus, Zero, Bad Ass, Peanuts, TMNT, Elfquest, Mind MGMT, Dark Horse Presents, Captain Midnight, X-Files, Massive, Judge Dredd, Mega City Two, The Mocking Dead, Samurai Jack and Aphrodite XI Hidden Files

So, we’re missing a bunch of Marvel books over in the UK this week. So I am a little thought deprived. Still, there’s plenty more to read… From All-New Invaders #1, the Human Torch is recognised by his workmate and …

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Prints Going On Sale This Morning

Dark Hall Mansion will be releasing this years officially licensed Peanuts prints for A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, the 1973 classic from Chalres M. Schulz today. When? Sometime between 9:30 AM PST and 11:30 AM PST. The artist for this years 12″ …

Freaks And Geeks’ Paul Feig Overseeing Peanuts Movie

Peanuts was his Star Wars. I guess that makes Lucy van Pelt his Darth Vader. Sounds about right.

Now Is The Time To Buy The Nightmare On Elm Street, Tim Burton And Peanuts Blu-ray Box Sets

These three sets don’t have much in common, except that they are all very cheap right now.

500 New Peanuts Cartoons Coming, Based Closely On Classic Strips

Unlike the Peanuts feature film, these shorts won’t be in the 3D CG-modelled style but ape the look of the 2D strips much more closely.

Jack Kirby, Dave Gibbons And Charles Schulz Get IDW Artist Editions

Here are the official announcements from IDW for not one… not two… but THREE Artist Editions. First Kirby and Gibbons: IDW Publishing will be doing two blockbuster Artist’s Editions produced under license from DC Entertainment. And these offerings are truly …

Twenty Thoughts About Twenty Comics Today – Morning Glories, Secret, Justice League, Itty Bitty Hellboy, Super Dinosaur, Angel And Faith, Mind The Gap, Skullkickers, Lazarus, Massive, Think Tank, Sex, Peanuts, Steed And Mrs Peel, Fanboys Vs Zombies, Regular Show, Uncanny X-Men, New Avengers, Wolverine & The X-Men, Uncanny Avengers

So how to start this week’s comics. Something, light, upbeat, feel good and… Okay, maybe Morning Glories wasn’t the best way to start. Well then, something else… Aah! Uncanny Avengers, do you really have to? I can’t take any more… …

BC Mag #2: The New Adventures Of Charlie Brown

Bleeding Cool Magazine article by Rick Verbanas Created by Charles Schulz, Peanuts was first published in October 1950. At its height in popularity, the comic strip was published in 75 countries, in 21 different languages. Generations of readers were able …

The Best Christmas Videos From Doctor Who, Christopher Lee, Walking Dead And More

Here are some special, Christmas themed clips. Holy moly some of these are nuts.

Peanuts Feature Film Set For 2015

We’ll be having a Charlie Brown thanksgiving all over again. UPDATED with promo image.

BC Mag #0: Defining the BOOM! Generation

Bleeding Cool Magazine Article By Rich Johnston From humble beginnings to winning “Best Publisher Under 4%” for a few years as voted by comic book retailers in Diamond’s Gem Awards, BOOM! Studios have developed owner Ross Richie’s passion for comics …

Avatar, Boundless, Boom! And Dynamite June 2012 Solicitations

Jamie Delano begins writing an arc for Crossed Badlands from Avatar, Bleeding Cool Magazine begins with a preview issue, Boom! grabs Si Spurrier for Extermination and Dynamite push Prophecy and Pantha… these are the kind of books that go beyond …

That Doctor Who Peanuts T-Shirt You Always Wanted

If all you ever wanted in life was to have an unofficial Doctor Who/Peanuts mashup t-shirt then Tee Fury is giving you eleven-and-a-bit hours to buy one. I like William Hartnell. I really do.