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Evangeline Lilly Looking Very Wasp-like

Actress Evangeline Lilly has been cast in the upcoming Ant-Man film as Hope Van Dyne, the daughter of Janet Van Dyne and Hank Pym. With the movie now filming in San Francisco, Lilly posted photos on Instagram of her new …

Feige Talks Black Panther And Captain Marvel Plus More Ant-Man Set Photos

Busy news day today so we’ll combine these two as well. First up Marvel Studios’ main man Kevin Feige had a recent interview with IGN where he was asked specifically about the characters of Black Panther and Captain Marvel. They’re …

First Photo From Ant-Man Filming And New Cast Added

Thanks to USA Today we have the first photo of Paul Rudd as Scott Lang from the upcoming Marvel film Ant-Man. And then we have word that John Slattery will be in the film as well. Slattery played Howard Stark …

Ant-Man Rumors On Ties To The Past And Where They Are Filming Next Week

There is a rumor that the Ant-Man movie will have a few familiar faces in it. So let me bust out my Ant-Man specific spoiler warning… What do you think? Better than the normal stop sign alone thing? . . …

Ant-Man Casting Call For The Atlanta Area

We’ve covered most other Marvel Studios movies today, so it seems we need an Ant-Man story and we found one. The movie is schedule to film in Atlanta, Georgia in the new Pinewood Studios complex and casting directors are looking …

Marvel’s Video Of The Ant-Man Panel From SDCC

From Hall H, we get Marvel’s official video from the cast of Ant-Man with moderator Chris Hardwick. On the stage were director Peyton Reed and stars Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas, Evangeline Lily and Corey Stoll.

Interviewed On The Con Floor, Ant-Man’s Peyton Reed, Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas And Corey Stoll

We have a Marvel Live interview with Ant-Man director Peyton Reed along with 3 of the upcoming shrinkers – Michael Douglas (Hank Pym), Paul Rudd (Scott Lang / Ant-Man) and Corey Stoll (Darren Cross / Yellowjacket).

Ant-Man Movie – Who Is Darren Cross?

Just announced at Comic-Con, Corey Stoll will be the bad guy in the new Ant-Man movie. He will be playing Darren Cross. Now Cross is not a new character, he is actually vital to the origin of the Scott Lang …

Ant-Man Exclusive SDCC Concept Art Poster

Marvel has an SDCC Exclusive Ant-Man poster to giveaway this weekend and Entertainment Weekly has the first look. The illustration is a piece of pre-production concept art specifically made for San Diego Comic-Con. The art is by Andy Park and features Scott …

Kevin Feige Says Peyton Reed Is The Right Man For Ant-Man

At a screening of Guardians of the Galaxy this morning in London, Marvel Studios‘ head man Kevin Feige was asked by IGN.com why Peyton Reed was the right man to helm Ant-Man. Reed, who was once being considered to direct …

Michael Douglas and David Letterman Talk Ant-Man and Comic Con

Last night actor Michael Douglas was a guest on the David Letterman show and was asked about his upcoming role in Marvel’s Ant-Man. Douglas, who is set to play Hank Pym, admitted he wasn’t really a comic book guy and …

Marvel Looking At Tom Hardy And Benedict Cumberbatch For Doctor Strange, Peyton Reed And David Wain For Ant-Man

Earlier today, I was tipped off that Marvel would like to speak to Benedict Cumberbatch about Doctor Strange. I’ve been firing off e-mails and calls trying to find out how real this is. Apparently it’s a little bit real, as …

Paul Rudd And Amy Poehler Take Down Rom Coms In First Trailer For They Came Together

A love story for people who love love and love falling in love and love stories about love.

Edgar Wright Has Ant-Man Homework… That Involves A Thief

Yesterday Ant-Man director Edgar Wright posted this image with the heading “Homework”. Now the folks at comicbookmovie.com quickly recognized the image as coming from the second season of Avengers: Earth Mightiest Heroes. It’s from an episode called To Steal An Ant-Man and it marks …

Marvel Officially Confirms Paul Rudd Is Ant-Man

Well, that was fast.

Ant Man Casting Finally Wrapping Up With Paul Rudd Negotiating His Deal To Star

Big but not altogether surprising news.

New Ant-Man Casting Call Gives Some Clues – But Which Ant-Man Are We Looking At Here?

Hank Pym, Scott Lang, Eric O’Grady – which Ant Man is Edgar Wright bringing to the big screen?

Two New Full Trailers For Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues – UPDATED

I’m surprised how much it feels like Ron Burgundy and his cohort never went away.