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James Corden – 24 Clips That Tell You All You Need To Know About The New Presenter Of The Late Late Show

James Corden has been confirmed as the new presenter of the Late Late Show taking over from Craig Ferguson. But most of America are unaware of him. Here’s a crash course through his career, courtesy of YouTube… In parody boy …

How To Survive The New York Red Carpet Premier Of X-Men: Days Of Future Past In Five Easy Steps

Step One: Drink I found out a week beforehand that I’d been invited to attend the Red Carpet Premier of the film in New York on Saturday, May 10th by the sponsoring company for the gala world tour, TCL. The …

Tonight’s Super Bowl, In Geek, WIth Stan Lee, Tom Hiddleston And Scott Snyder

When it comes to the Super Bowl, I feel like Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellan. Football! pic.twitter.com/rdtXP6IGTE — Patrick Stewart (@SirPatStew) January 31, 2014   Confused. I may need to watch this again. But I do enjoy how …

There’s A New Sinbad Movie With Stop-Motion Effects Coming, And Very, Very Soo‏n

Unofficially, they’re clearly going for an association with the Sinbad movies Ray Harryhausen provided FX and creatures for. That’s really no bad thing.

Full Trailer For X-Men: Days Of Future Past Takes The War On Mutants To A Fractured Timeline

All of mutantkind is here. Well, more or less. This is a phenomenal amount of X-people.

Bryan Singer’s Conceit For Bringing Back Professor X And Other X-Men Bits

No Scarlet Witch in Days of Future Past. That’s curious.

First Look At Patrick Stewart As Professor X In Days Of Future Past – Sunday Trending Topics

I’ll be interested to see what those shoulder plates are all about: Production on Bryan Singer‘s X-Men: Days of Future Past will kick off tomorrow. Best guess is that they’ll be shooting some of the “future” stuff first as Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart have both …

First Look: Patrick Stewart In His Latest Charles Xavier Outfit

I don’t know what these shoulder plates are about but surely this is one guy who would wear as little metal as possible?

Bryan Singer Shows Off X-Men: Days Of Future Past’s Cast – Including Some Surprises – TWO UPDATES

Bryan Singer has amped up his Twitter teasing.

Here’s One Classic Mutant Who Isn’t Set For X-Men: Days Of Future Past

Looks like there’s at least one key player being left out.

Tuesday Trending Topics: Magneto And Professor X

Time keeps slipping into the future: Thrilled to announce @ianmckellen118 & @SirPatStew are joining the cast of #XMEN #DaysOfFuturePast #magneto #professorX More to come… Most-Read TV/Film Stories Today: Report: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Is Batman In Justice League Earlier in the year, Zack …

X-Men Comeback For Ian McKellen And Patrick Stewart Confirmed

Young and old versions of the same characters lining up in the same movie.

Beyond The Nod – Patrick Stewart Now Actually SAYS He’ll Be Professor X Again

From a nod of the head to a few spoken words.

Patrick Stewart Gives Another X-Men Movie The Nod

What’s ahead for Days of Future Past? A hint…

Patrick Stewart, Lea Michele, Martin Short And Flying Monkeys – New Teaser For Dorothy Of Oz

Pray there are no Wheelers involved

Bryan Singer On Days Of Future Past And Marvel Movieverse Style Connectivity Between Films In The X-Men Series

The producer says that it’s so, so it’s so: the sequel to X-Men: First Class is called X-Men: Days of Future Past and will take many of its cues from Chris Claremont and john Byrne’s comics. Bryan Singer has been …

Oz Comic-Con Is Coming, Bleeding Cool Are Going (And So Is Stan Lee)

We’re just warning you.