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DC Comics Cancels Adventures Of Superman With #17

It was the digital first comic that opened with controversy, the hiring of Orson Scott Card to write a Superman story for the anthology series. The considerable commotion saw artist Chris Sprouse withdraw and, officially, DC were looking for a …

Peter David And X-Factor Travel To 2009

By Jared Cornelius So a few years ago X-Factor scribe Peter David got into a heated internet debate over whether or not a creator should be separated from their work.  David had written the story for a high profile Xbox …

Social Media And Human Behavior 101 – A Filthy Orphan by Nevs Coleman

Nevs Coleman writes: Alright, here’s a column where I don’t really have an answer, but more of a question that I’d be interested to see what people think of. So, much as I may come to regret this, I will …

How To Morally Carbon Offset The Cost Of Going To See Ender’s Game – UPDATED

Brendon’s Update: Before you get to Rich’s story below, I want to include the preface that, according to many good sources, Orson Scott Card won’t see a single cent from your Ender’s Game ticket. He got his money back for …

Preview Ender’s Game With This VFX Promo Reel

Writer-director Gavin Hood took some liberties when adapting the visuals described in Ender’s Game for his big screen version.

9 Things About The Ender’s Game Trailer

Ender’s Game is about to start. This final trailer lays out the rules.

Ender’s Game and the Child Soldier Blues – Look! It Moves! By Adi Tantimedh

Adi Tantimedh writes; I’m not going to see the Ender’s Game movie, since I never liked the book. I had this opinion long before Orson Scott Card’s anti-gay views became public. The studio that produced the movie has been in …

Two New Ender’s Game Promos – Including A Dog Fight Tailor Made For IMAX

There’s a lot more Ender’s Game to come in the next few days, and I have to say, I’ll particularly interested to see if the panel disucssion goes anywhere near the Orson Scott Card controversy.

Ender’s Game To Get Card-Rebutting LGBT Benefit Premiere

Lionsgate, the distributors of the upcoming Ender’s Game movie, have issued a statement to address Orson Scott Card’s comments on same-sex marriage.

A Comic Show – A Lack Of Orson Scott Card In Your Superman

Aaron Haaland of A Comic Shop in Florida writes; Hey Fandom! It’s me, Aaron, for A Comic Show’s NEW COMICS NOW! This week we got in some stuff I liked and I’m gonna tell you about it! For DC is …

BC Mag #4: Life In The Gutters

Bleeding Cool Magazine article by Rich Johnston There has been all sorts of fuss over the announcement, then retraction that Orson Scott Card was to write a Superman story for DC Comics. After the initial protests, and subsequent withdrawal by …

First Footage From The Ender’s Game Movie

Including our first look at a battle room battle and an introduction from Harrison Ford and Asa Butterfield.

Should You Be Blacklisted, Mr. Card?

Hannah Means-Shannon writes; The title of the event went through a few iterations before settling on its final form, using the buzzword “blacklisting”, including “Superman vs. Orson Scott Card” along the way. As part of a series of Comic Book …

Ender Stands At The Battle Room Gate – Tiny Tease Of Tomorrow’s Poster

Warning: Null G Beyond This… This… This something.

Orson Scott Card, ComiXology And Marvel

One of the side effects of the Marvel #1 Free ComiXology now-paused-offer was that a number of people noted, possibly for the first time, the Ender’s Game comics adapted from thework of Orson Scott Card published by Marvel in the …

Don’t Expect That Orson Scott Card Superman Story Any Time Soon

Yesterday Chris Sprouse announced that he was no longer willing to draw the Superman story by Orson Scott Card appearing in the upcoming Superman Adventures. DC stated that they were pulling the strip until they could find a replacement artist. …

The Comic Bug To Run An Orson Scott Card Fundraiser Alongside Adventures Of Superman #1

This is a creative solution. Comic book store, The Comic Bug of Manhattan Beach, California, will be stocking Adventures Of Superman #1, including its story by controversial author Orson Scott Card. They are planning to donate the profits from carrying …

New Image From Ender’s Game – Meal Time In The Mess Hall

They’re in the army now.