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Dating Tips From The First Episode Of Stephen Merchant’s Hello Ladies

Remember to keep the conversation lively and know what’s important to you.

So, Will Steve Carell Be Back In The Last Episode Of The Office? Now We Know

Now the last episode of The Office has been completed, we finally know for sure if Steve Carell will be making any kind of cameo or return appearance.

Video: Watch Ricky Gervais’ The Office Revisited And Equality Street

The original run of The Office ended on quite a positive note but this pulls back from that – if you consider it any kind of continuation at least.

Trailers: Brent’s Back For New Mini-Episode Of The BBC And Ricky Gervais’ The Office

Ricky Gervais has reprised the role of David Brent for a new, one-off Comic Relief spin-off from The Office.

New Characters Joining The Office Tonight – The Documentarians, Making The Show That Is The Show

In which Jenna Fischer puts it better than I ever could.

Steve Carell Unlikely To Return To The Office, Says NBC’s Chairman

I want him to come back. Will I get what I want for once?

Rainn Wilson Teases The Last Arc Of The Office

The documentary style is more than a stylistic choice.

The Evidence Mounts For Steve Carell’s Eleventh Hour Return To The Office

Michael Scott may be coming back. What about David Brent?

The Office Spin-Off The Farm Not Going To Happen

I was looking forward to this. Maybe I’ll make up my own version just in my head.

The Office To End After This Next Season But Spin-Off Series The Farm Is Coming

The Office‘s top dog Greg Daniels today held a conference call for select press and Bleeding Cool were there to listen in. Sort of. In our dreams. Not at all. Okay, we’ve read an account of the call at TV …

Character Details For The Office Spin-Off, The Farm: Dwight’s Family Revealed

Our first look at The Farm, a proposed Schrute-centric spin-off from The Office, will be as an episode of the latter’s upcoming ninth series. As well as Dwight, and presumably Mose, the returning cast will be comprised of other members …

After The Office – Extended Trailer For Mindy Kaling’s Project

A good number of The Office‘s long term writer-performers have, or will soon, be moving on to pastures new. Here’s our first look at one of their follow up projects, with a trailer for Fox’s freshly commissioned The Mindy Project: …

The Office To Be “Rebooted” For Next Season?

As a box-set viewer, I’ve yet to see a single episode of The Office without Steve Carell, and I’m a little apprehensive about what I’ll find when I do. Still, one of the beauties of TV is that long term …

And Finally… Asterix And Obelix In Office Post-It Notes

These Gauls are crazy. Created by French office workers in their lunch break…

Harvey Keitel To Replace Steve Carell On The Office? What?

Okay, this one came out of left field, under the cover of night and through the fog… According to E!, Office executive/writer Paul Lieberstein wasn’t joking when he told them: I haven’t started any talks with his people, but Harvey …

Danny McBride And Rhys Darby Frontrunners To Replace Steve Carell In The Office

Providing that there’s going to be an outside job search and not an internal promotion to replace Michael Scott when he quits/gets fired/dies at the end of the next season, we may now know just who the front running candidates …