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Day Of The Destroyers – A New Anthology Starring Jimmie Flint, Agent X-11

Moonstone Books has a new, all-original linked prose anthology starring Jimmie Flint, Agent X-11 of the Intelligence Service Command. In the new book, Flint must prevent the seditionist Medusa Council from engineering a bloody coup overthrowing our democracy. The anthology …

Who Is The Heroine In The New DC Comics Licensed Young Adult Novel From Gwenda Bond? (Lois Lane UPDATE)

Novelist Gwenda Bond writes on her blog, This week the fabulous team at Switch Press/Capstone will be posting some visual teasers for what I have been obnoxiously referring to as Secret Project for months, leading up to the cover reveal. I can …

American Gods – The Latest One That Got Away From HBO

Preacher was going to be a TV show at HBO. Then it wasn’t. And AMC picked it up instead. Walking Dead was going to be a TV show on HBO. Then it wasn’t. Then AMC picked it up. American Gods …

Jason Bateman To Direct Nicole Kidman In The Family Fang

Bateman has cast himself and Nicole Kidman as a couple of performance artists who sometimes use their kids in their bizarre acts.

The Bad Robot Mystery Trailer Is For S., A New Novel Devised By JJ Abrams, Written By Doug Dorst

Nothing to do with Star Wars, Lost or Voltron. Sorry.

Contrast And Compare: M. Night Shyamalan’s After Earth Movie, Peter David’s After Earth Novel

Peter David is the media-hopping writer behind Star Trek novels, Hulk comic books and Babylon 5 TV episodes, amongst literally hundreds of other genre pieces in just about every medium I can think of.

The Interactive Cover Of Stephen King’s Shining Sequel, Doctor Sleep

Stephen King’s novel Doctor Sleep picks up with Dan Torrance, formerly best known as Danny, the child in The Shining with the shining.

Danny Boyle Planning Trainspotting Sequel With Original Cast – But They’ve Yet To Agree

Timed for optimum nostalgia.

Neil Gaiman’s The Ocean At The End Of The Lane To Become A Film, Joe Wright Attached To Direct

Tom Hanks and his Playtone Pictures are to continue their relationship with Neil Gaiman beyond the in-development American Gods TV series.

William Boyd’s Bond Novel Set For September, Features An Older Bond In Olden Days

Set in 1969 and featuring a 45 year old James Bond.

Kevin Smith Might Write Clerks III As A Novel, Web Series Or Both… Maybe Feature Film Too, But Definitely Not A Play

Kevin Smith’s latest state of the Clerks III nation address.

Getting More Leverage

So I’ve been getting more scanned pages of Leverage: The Con Job (ahead of Amazon delivering my copy), and these are from closer towards the end of the novel so, you know, spoilers. I guess. But still. That’s disgusting, that’s …

Win A Signed Copy Of Paul Cornell’s London Falling In The Next Two Hours

You know Paul Cornell. Course you do. Wrote some sci-fi books, wrote some Doctor Who books, wrote some actual episodes of Doctor Who, wrote some Marvel comics, wrote some DC comics, is still writing Saucer Country and has a new …

Review: Warren Ellis’ Gun Machine

Greg Baldino writes for Bleeding Cool. You know, at this rate, Warren Ellis may leave comics for crime fiction and not look back. This January sees the release of his second novel Gun Machine from Mulholland Books, his second full-length …

Surprise! James Cameron To Direct Adventure-Mystery, The Informationist

James Cameron is drawn to another tough-cookie female lead.

Look! It Moves!: Roz Kaveney Talks Rituals: Rhapsody of Blood

Adi Tantimedh writes; Last week, I introduced you to Roz Kaveney and her first published novel RITUALS: RHAPSODY OF BLOOD Book One. The novel features parallel plotlines about two very different women: Mara the Huntress, an immortal who witnessed the …

Warren Ellis, Gun Machine And The Die Cut Cover

If you ever needed any more proof that we’re back in the  nineties, Warren Ellis is writing a new book featuring a die-cut cover. Only problem is, it’s not a comic book. Here’s the UK cover for Gun Machine, his …

Wayne Of Gotham, Hickman Of GenCon, Lawyers Of Warner

Alasdair Stuart writes for Bleeding Cool I’m at GenCon, in Indianapolis at the moment, and earlier today, Tracy Hickman held a panel on his new Batman novel; Wayne of Gotham. The novel follows Bruce Wayne as he’s forced to re-0pen …