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Trailer For Final Season Of Newsroom Just Released

The final season of Newsroom is a little over a month away and HBO has just released a trailer. The Aaron Sorkin series will be back for six-episodes to wrap it up and will include the Boston Marathon Bombing and …

The Newsroom Has Been Renewed For A Third And Final Season‏

Of course, it’s not perfect but I do like the show a great deal and, when season three rolls around, I’ll be all over it.

How Can We Persuade Aaron Sorkin To Write Superheroes?

Aaron Sorkin has always written superheroes. He may just not have realised it. Specifically in the West Wing and Newsroom, he has written bold characters, good of heart, wanting to do the right thing, though their intentions are often complicated …

Aaron Sorkin Hasn’t Decided If He’ll Come Back For The Newsroom Season 3 Despite HBO’s Thumbs Up

If you saw season two’s finale you may have felt it to be quite final, with the big story lines paid off pretty clearly. I’ve spoken to folk who thought there was more closure to this episode than in many series finales.

A Pair Of Clips From The Newsroom Season Two – We’re In Familiar Territory

The Newsroom is back this Sunday and here are two new clips from episode one to whet your appetite.

Another Newsroom Trailer – Still No Show Footage, But Check Out The Visual Metaphors

And now for something completely different…

There’s No Fourth Wall In This New Teaser For The Newsroom Series 2

I don’t know if it being a show about show has inspired this pulled-back treatment, or if it’s a desire to remind us of the calibre of talent involved.

Aaron Sorkin Promises New Structure For Season 2 In This Newsroom Featurette

Aaron Sorkin explains the new format – and also drops a couple of character spoilers.

Simple First Teaser For The Second Series Of The Newsroom

Aaron Sorkin’s The Newsroom will be returning to HBO on July 14th, hopefully bringing back all of the nailbiting tension and smart, sharp gags of last year’s first run.

Video: Game Of Thrones, Girls, More – HBO See Out 2012, See In 2013 With Previews

The TV station that I don’t get but which makes the shows that become the Blu-rays I do.

Aaron Sorkin Deconstructs One Of His Own Scenes To Teach You How To Write A Long Speech

As we head towards the screening of Aaron Sorkin and HBO’s The Newsroom, the PR campaign is kicking up a notch. One nice promotion is a piece by Sorkin on how, and why, he writes extended speeches. His explanation uses …

Second Trailer For Aaron Sorkin’s The Newsroom Sets Up The Stakes

Why does this drama start at this point in these characters’ lives, and at this moment in this news program’s history? This trailer makes that pretty clear. And, as you’d, expect there’s a lot of character and some of that …

First Trailers For Aaron Sorkin’s New HBO Show The Newsroom And True Blood Season 5

Last night, the first episode of the new series of Game of Thrones gave HBO a great platform to trailer two of their more keenly anticipated upcoming series. First, let’s sweep True Blood season five. A pretty basic little teaser. …