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Marvel Comics Ties Up Trademarks Ahead Of Doctor Strange Movie

A Doctor Strange movie is scheduled to come out from Marvel for 2016, even though it hasn’t been officially announced yet. And the lawyers have been going to work in advance, tying up trademark registrations for the following areas. Education …

AVCO – Another Star Wars Episode VII Shooting Nickname (UPDATE)

Lots of movies are shot under another name. Sometimes a nickname, sometimes a way to keep lookie-loos away from the set. Well, Star Wars Episode VII, whatever it will eventually be called is filming, according to the kind of people …

Bryan Hitch Working On The Fantastic Four Movie

This is a scene from the recent first issue of Real Heroes, by Bryan Hitch, from Image Comics. And that mention of Josh Trank, is because Bryan Hitch, artist for The Ultimates, The Authority, America’s Got Powers – and at …

An Appreciation Of Jenny Agutter In Captain America: The Winter Soldier

There is a scene in Captain America: The Winter Soldier that features Jenny Agutter, reprising her Security Council role from The Avengers. But she gets a little more hands on. My #2wordreview for Captain America: Winter Soldier is Jenny Agutter. …

First Trailer For The Mrs. Brown’s Boys Movie

I’ll call it now: this film will shift more DVDs in the UK this year than any other anything at all. It has to get through cinemas first, of course.

Rob Thomas Interview: The New Story, New Style And New Body Of Veronica Mars

Discussing the increase in scope, the new colour palette and Kristen Bell’s curves. Not as awkward as it sounds.

Warner Bros. Planning A Minecraft Movie… In Live Action

Okay, I can’t quite conceive of a successful animated Minecraft movie, not really, but a live action one stretches my imagination to places I’m not sure a major studio movie would like to go.

Disney’s CEO: “Frozen Has Real Franchise Potential”

Bob Iger has promised new content and “continued interest” for “quite a while.”

Full Trailer For The Veronica Mars Movie – From Where I’m Standing, This Looks Tremendous

The marketing for Veronica Mars has to walk that same old tricky line between appealing to die hard fans as well as newbies. I’m so firmly in the first camp that I can’t even see if it’s succeeding.

Sony Have Registered Domains For A Last Of Us Movie (Plus: Watch A Bonus “Movie” Of Whole Game)

So… who would they cast as imitation Ellen Page?

Peter Capaldi Is WHO DOCTOR

UPDATE: It’s all true – click here for the full confirmation. The papers are full of it in Britain right now. The Independent: William Hills has 11/8 odds on Capaldi, making him the favourite to be handed the role, although …

A Couple Of Hints That Batman/Superman Was Always On The Way…

There was that billboard from I Am Legend, of course. But there was also something up with that Kryptonian suit from Man Of Steel, wasn’t there? Was it always going this way?

A Page Of Art From The Dredd Movie Sequel – Which Isn’t Itself A Movie. At Least Yet

A new, three part story set in the Dredd 3D movieverse and after the events of last year’s movie is to appear in The Megazine later this year, kicking off in September.

First Teaser For Alan Partridge Movie Reveals Its Title, But Don’t Let Me Spoil It For You

Colossal Velocity? Gun Bird? What are they going to call this thing?

Veronica Mars Kickstarter Is Fully Funded In Under Nine Hours – But It’s Not Over Yet

The Veronica Mars movie Kickstarter has crossed the all-important $2 million threshold in… under nine hours. Records have been set.

Are We Getting A Heroes For Hire Movie From Marvel?

Looks like we are.

Howard Overman Has Written His Misfits Feature Film Screenplay

To feature the return of classic characters.

Stitched in Time – Sneak Preview of First Collection

Garth Ennis (Preacher, Crossed, The Boys) originally developed Stitched, his horrific modern take on the classic supernatural mummy story, to be a movie. Stitched is the first film written and directed by the critically acclaimed Ennis, with the original short film creating a cliff hanger which Ennis …