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Olympus Has Fallen Gets A Sequel And A Director

According to THR, Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckart and Morgan Freeman have all signed on to reprise their roles from Olympus Has Fallen in the cleverly titled sequel: London Has Fallen. Fredrik Bond, a video director whose first feature was Charlie …

Is A Zombie Apocalypse Possible? Ask Morgan Freeman

With The Walking Dead racking up the TV ratings and zombies being everywhere, it’s not surprising that other shows would try to cash in on that popularity… even shows about pure science are willing to jump into the speculation. This …

Stars Of The Lego Movie Try To Think Of Their Favourite Movie Moments

It takes them a while but they eventually come up with some examples.

Official Trailer For Wally Pfister’s Transcendence Starring Johnny Depp

Several mysterious teasers, and now, an official trailer, with actual scenes from the film.

Second Teaser Trailer For Wally Pfister’s Transcendence, Narrated By Morgan Freeman

I think I like the dialogue of the earlier Johnny Depp teaser better, but you really can’t beat Morgan Freeman’s voice for narration, can you?

London Will Fall In The Sequel To Olympus Has Fallen

Hopefully not all of it.

Casting Roundup: Naomi Watts, Willem Dafoe, Jennifer Lopez And Many, Many More

The longest casting roundup to date? New projects for Jennifer Lopez, Naomi Watts, Daniel Bruhl, Willem Dafoe and just about everyone else you can think of.

Teaser Poster, Images And Featurette For Wally Pfister’s Sci-Fi Johnny Depp Movie, Transcendence

The DP on Nolan’s Memento and Dark Knight Trilogy is directing his first feature and it could well be very big in China.

Luc Besson’s Sci-Fi Superheroine Movie Lucy Will Spend EuropaCorp’s Biggest Budget To Date

I’m sure the cast will cost a few pennies, with Scarlett Johansson in the title role and Morgan Freeman in support.

Olympus Has Fallen — The Bleeding Cool Review

We get to say “Yippee-ky-yay POTUS” twice this year. Michael Moran reports on the first of two planned destructions of the White House.

Oblivion – The Bleeding Cool Review

Tom Cruise stars in a movie that’s set after the end of the world. Is it worth visiting the radioactive ruins of your local cinema to see it? Michael Moran reports.

Oblivion With Tom Cruise – Another Trailer, Revealing Even More

Also, two new, extremely hi-res posters for the film.

New Trailer For Oblivion With Tom Cruise, From The Director Of Tron: Legacy

” If You Liked That Bit In The Matrix, Maybe You’ll Like It In This.”

Olympus Has Fallen Trailer – Gerard Butler Dies Hard In The White House

But is that President Aaron Eckhart or President Morgan Freeman?

Saturday Trending Topics: Tom Cruise And Morgan Freeman Head Towards Oblivion

Upcoming sci fi from Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman? Oblivion looks pretty good. And be sure to check out Brendon’s shot-by-shot breakdown of what we’re seeing in the trailer. Most-Read Comic Stories Today: “Hey! Quasi-Pretty-NOT-Hot-Girl, You Are More Pathetic Than …

A Very Close Look At The Oblivion Trailer – Clues, References And Nods

Going shot by shot through the first trailer for Oblivion. Okay, I left one shot out. It was boring.

Trailer: Vegas Magicians Pull A Heist In Now You See Me

Stealing and conning, stage magic style.

The Dark Knight Rises: The Bleeding Cool Review

One last trip into the Nolanverse for the Caped Crusader.Can Nolan equal the spectacular triumph of The Dark Knight? Michel Moran investigates…