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A Poster For Pixar’s Party Central‏

The short’s premise hinges on the dimension bending door technology of the Monster world.

Mike And Sully Have A Plan – First Clip From Monsters University: Party Central‏

What a wanton abuse of monster power. I love it.

First Look At Pixar’s Party Central, The Monsters University Spin-Off That Will Play With Muppets Most Wanted

Party Central was going to be released with The Good Dinosaur, but seeing as that film has been shuffled down the schedule, this short has now been paired with Muppets.

You Can Now Legally Download Many Of The Year’s Best Screenplays, From Gravity To Saving Mr. Banks‏

I’d particularly recommend Philomena, Saving Mr. Banks, All Is Lost and Pixar’s The Blue Umbrella.

A Very Close Look At Pixar’s The Blue Umbrella, All The Way From Poetic Pitch To Photoreal Fantasy

An exclusive, illustrated study of just how Pixar’s most distinctive short film came to be.

Watch: The Makers Of Monsters University Answer YOUR Questions – And One From A Comic Book Creator

Many of you sent questions by e-mail, some of you sent tweets, and a certain comic book creator sent a message in a bottle.

We’ve Teamed Up With Pixar So You Can Put Your Questions To The Monsters University Filmmakers

We’ve been using the Bleeding Cool social media channels to solicit questions from our readers for Dan Scanlon and Kori Rae, the director and producer of Monsters University. They’ve agreed to do a full “readers’ interview” for us, and reply …

New Monsters University Short, Party Central, To Play In Cinemas Before Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur

Party Central was directed by Sym-Bionic Titan and Foster’s Home alum Kelsey Mann.

Get A Glimpe Of Pixar’s Photorealistic Humans In This Extended Clip From The Blue Umbrella

And why did Pixar finally try to create photorealistic animation after years of avoiding it?

Exclusive Video: Deconstructing The Design Of Monsters University With Director Dan Scanlon And Producer Kori Rae

Some analysis of Pixar magic from the filmmakers.

When Bleeding Cool Sat Down With The Director And Producer Of Monsters University

On how this particular story came into being, some of the dead ends abandoned during development, and how hard it is to animate the Monster world.

Behind The Soundscapes Of Monsters University And Man Of Steel

Yes, film is a visual medium, but it’s an aural medium too.

Monsters University Is A Pixar Classic And Swerves The Typical Prequel Pitfalls Brilliantly

If you go into this prequel worried that it might in some way clash with or betray the original film, just a few minutes should put your mind at rest…

Clip-Full Preview Reel For The Edinburgh International Film Festival – Skinheads, Dinosaurs and Monsters

This reel for The Edinburgh International Film Festival is bound to be the only place you’ll see Monsters University cut next to skinhead socio-drama My Dog Killer all summer long.

Nathan Fillion Is A Frat Beast In This New Clip From Monsters University

Nathan Fillion will be popping up in a few movies this year. There’s Much Ado About Nothing, the second Percy Jackson and Monsters University.

Monsters University Mini-Trailer, Acceptance Letter

I hope to see this film as soon as is humanly possible.

New Monsters University Trailer Is All Party, Party, Party…

Added bonus: a firebreathing cheerleader.

Pixar Have At Least One Unannounced Sequel In The Works – But What Is It?

In which I get your hopes up and/or crush your dreams with talk of Toy Story 4 again… but that’s not all…