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Mission: Impossible 5 Gets A 2015 Christmas Day Release Date‏

Debuting just a week after Star Wars: Episode VII.

Christopher McQuarrie Accepts His Mission: Impossible For Fifth Film In Series – UPDATED

And I’m pretty sure it’s a mission to direct. UPDATED with a confirmation from Cruise.

Tom Cruise Bails On Man From UNCLE Film To Focus On Mission: Impossible 5.

Another set back for one of the most set back films in the modern history of setting back.

Iron Man 3 And No Heroics Writer Drew Pearce To Script Mission: Impossible 5

We’ll call it Mission: Impossible 5 for now but the final title probably won’t have as many numbers or so little punctuation.

Abrams Staying With Star Trek And Mission Impossible Series

Plus: John Shuttleworth sings a song about JJ Abrams’ dilemma. Sort of. A bit.

Mission: Impossible 5 To Be Directed By Christopher McQuarrie If Cruise And Abrams Get Their Way

Plans are firming up for M:I 5… which despite being spy-based has nothing much to do with MI 5.

How To Run Like Tom Cruise – Afterwards, They Will Explode

After the airing of a recent video that Patrick Willems created for Bleeding Cool as part of the Afterwards, They Will Explode feature, he was contacted by a major PR agency representing one of the most famous brands in the …

IMAX Outlines New Strategies, Sets Sights on Fanboys’ Wallets

Linda Ge writes for Bleeding Cool. If you enjoy paying more money for a bigger screen and better sound at the movies, you’re in luck! Giant screen exhibitor IMAX has found its target audience, and it has many things in …

New Poster For Men In Black 3 Spells “Kudgk”

Reading from left to right, this Men in Black 3 poster features 1960s Agent K, time-hopping agent J and then the Agent K from the here and now. I hope we get to see a lot more of Josh Brolin …

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. The Bleeding Cool Review

Tom Cruise’s impossible mission is to spearhead keep the franchise alive in the world of Jason Bourne and a new, more brutal Bond. Does he succeed? Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find out…

Brad Bird Talks Mission Impossible And IMAX

Brad Bird shot some of Mission:Impossible – Ghost Protocol in IMAX. Rather than sort out the unconscionable punctuation in the film’s title he’s recorded a short piece to camera telling you how great it is. Thing is, he’s right.

Dark Knight Rises Prologue Details – A List Of UK, US And Canadian Imax Cinemas Where You Can See It

Warner Bros. have fessed up and admitted officially that, yes, a six minute sequence from the top of The Dark Knight Rises will play in IMAX cinemas with Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. The US screenings will start on December …

We’ve Seen Almost 20 Minutes Of Mission Impossible 4, Want To Show You A Clip And Tell You About It

Well, I’ve seen some of Mission Impossible:Ghost Protocol. If the rest of the movie is as good as the bits the studio has allowed me to see, Brad Bird has made the transition from animation to live action with extraordinary …

This Mission: Impossible Poster Might Make You Feel A Little Bit Woozy, But I Like It

This banner for Brad Bird‘s Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol will probably have a strong effect on those of you scared of heights. Click through to get it at full size. Personally, I’m scared the other way round – I …

Full Trailer For Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

Here’s the first full trailer for Mission : Impossible – Ghost Protocol. The set-up is nothing to write home/blog about (so let’s not bother) but the filmmaking looks mighty slick. Except for when they’ve broken into into pieces and put …

Mission: Impossible 4 To Feature Scenes Shot In IMAX Format And I’m Not Happy About It

This is disappointing. It seems that Brad Bird’s Mission:Impossible – Ghost Protocol is to feature some novelty scenes shot in the IMAX format. What this will mean is that the film will not only be disrupted by the obvious gimmick …

The Mission: Impossible 4 Condensed Rushes Special

There’s been a lot of impossible missioning going on. Let’s try and talk it through in a single sitting, if not a single breath. Director Brad Bird and producer-star Tom Cruise went Mission:Impossible 4 location scouting in Prague. But that’s …