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Video: When I Met Kermit And Miss Piggy To Discuss Muppets Most Wanted And Movie Trickery

Not everything in Muppets Most Wanted is as it might first appear.

For His Next Trick… Tom Hiddleston Attempts To Impersonate Kermit The Frog And Miss Piggy

Now, I love you Tom, but… stick to impersonating humans, maybe?

Video: Miss Piggy, Oscar The Grouch And Gobo Fraggle Announce The Jim Henson Gallery

The Jim Henson Gallery is to house a new, permanent exhibition at New York’s Museum of Modern Art. I’ll see you there.

It’s Miss Piggy Getting Married In The Muppets… Again

I was going to keep this quiet, but it’s out doing the rounds now.

Christoph Waltz Likely To Be In The Muppets Sequel After All, Just Not In The Villain Role

He’s in, and he’ll be dancing.

Muppet Sequel Interpol Role Goes To Modern Family’s Ty Burrell


Everything We Know So Far About The Muppets 2, Including The First Image

Disney invited my little green buddy and his on-off girlfriend down to Cinemacon this week to make it official. No, they didn’t finally get married* – Kermit and Piggy were there to announce The Muppets 2 and unveil this first …

Kermit And Miss Piggy Are Headed To The Oscars

She didn’t seem too sure when I asked her about it a couple of weeks back, but it seems that Miss Piggy will go to the ball, afterall. According to The Academy, Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog are to …

Watch Miss Piggy’s Red Carpet Coverage From The BAFTA Film Awards With Jon Hamm, Jessica Chastain, Michael Fassbender And More

Gary Oldman. Daniel Radcliffe. Tom Hiddleston. Jonah Hill. Octavia Spencer.Adam Deacon. Lucky people.

Kermit Says That A Muppet Sequel Is Official… But Was He Under Duress?

Every time I’ve switched on my TV set this week, there’s been a Muppet on there and that’s just the way I like it. The little fellas are here in the UK to promote their new movie, just released here. …

Miss Piggy Reveals Plans For Muppet Sequel, And More – Video Interview

The second of my video interviews with the cast and crew of The Muppets sees me going snout-to-snout with Miss Piggy. Amazingly, she gave me a very specific and precise update on the sequel to The Muppets – and even …

When Bleeding Cool Met The Director Of The Muppets, James Bobin

Here’s the first of my three interviews with the talent behind The Muppets. We’ll start with the tallest and work our way down – James Bobin, then Miss Piggy, then Kermit the Frog. Bobin and I talked about some of …

Miss Piggy To Host Red Carpet Coverage At The BAFTAs

Nominees and guests take note: if ever there was a year to wear something stupid on the BAFTAs red carpet, this it. Orange have announced that their presenter at the awards this year will be none other than Miss Piggy. …

The Muppets Take Over T4 (With Reservoir Dogs And Midge Ure References)

I guess I’ll be watching T4 this Sunday. In this promo video, presenter Nick… er… Grimshaw is it? Well, him. He dares to ask Miss Piggy her age.  Oops. Kermit knew exactly what was coming but if you look, you’ll …

Over Twenty Minutes Of Video Interview With Kermit, Fozzie And Miss Piggy

My own interviews with Kermit and Piggy will be along in the coming days, but this new video from Radio 1 is well worth a watch. I’m not the world’s biggest fan of Chris Moyles and his sidekick Dave, but… …

The Muppets’ Appearance On X-Factor

Olly Murs was lucky enough to share the stage with some Muppets for his performance of Dance With Me Tonight on The X-Factor this evening. Highlight: when Animal starts contributing to the backing vocals. Needs more cowbell Kermit. Incidentally, the …

This Second Full Trailer For The Muppets Is Wonderful

The best trailer for The Muppets yet. And it looks spoilery, but I promise you, there’s still a lot of surprises to come. Of course, this answers two of my recent questions when breaking down the soundtrack: Who will comprise …

Details Of The Muppet Soundtrack Revealed – Feist, Joanna Newsom, Covers Of Nirvana And Cee Lo Green

The second big Muppets album to be released this year, after The Green Album and its hip array of covered Muppet classics, will be the soundtrack to the movie. The track listing has been released, and there’s a bunch of …