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Michael Moran’s Top 5 Films Of 2012

Bleeding Cool’s favourite film critic knows what he likes, and now you can too.

Game Of Thrones On Blu-Ray: So… Is It Any Good?

It took two of us to get this sorted out. I’ve yet to see every last episode of Game of Thrones season one, but I have seen all of the video supplements on the newly released Blu-ray. Michael Moran hasn’t …

Terra Nova: Is This Retreat Into Prehistory The Future Of SciFi Telly?

It’s long past time for a new high-quality sci-fi drama. But is this time travelling caper worth your time? Michael Moran investigates…

Review: Real Steel – Is It Zarjaz Or Is It Stomm?

It’s Raging Bull with robots. And, briefly, a bull. In the sci-fi sports movie arena defined by Rollerball and Running Man does Hugh Jackman’s cybernetic smackdown make the weight?

Does This Video Show A Surprise New Villain In Batman: Arkham City?

The Dark Knight already has Catwoman to contend with in the upcoming sequel to the hit Arkham Asylum game. Might there be another on/off squeeze in the mix too?

Downton Abbey Is ‘Officially’ The Best Show On TV

Downton Abbey is a full-on cultural phenomenon. And that’s not just us saying that. It’s science. Well, if a world record counts as science, and we think it does.

Downton Abbey Versus Spooks: Who Will Win In The Great Aristocrat-Agent War?

This Sunday British TV starts Autumn in earnest with the return of two major shows. In the first in an occasional series Michael Moran previews the ratings battle of the season.

Review: The Change-Up. It’s Face|Off with poop gags.

It’s a Freaky Friday for the Hangover generation. Does it work? Well That depends on how much you want to see Hancock’s PR guy swap lives with a slacker Green Lantern. Expect nudity, bad language, all the good stuff…

The Retreat Review: The Lesson Is Don’t Go On Holiday With Thandie Newton

Michael Moran went to see new Brit thriller The Retreat for Bleeding Cool If you put them under enough pressure, even the Palme d’Or crowd will admit that everyone likes a bit of Bayhem. Transformers, Batman, Die Hard, James Bond, …

X-Men: First Class, Second Review

Michael Moran has been to see X-Men: First Class and is going to tell you all what he thought of it: The Cold War seems to be pretty hot right now. There are excited mutterings around Hollywood of an Atom …

REVIEW: Priest Is “Stylish, Action-Packed Nonsense”

Michael Moran writes for Bleeding Cool: Almost all films, to a greater or lesser extent, are set in imaginary worlds. In our world people stumble, mumble, forget important details and go to the toilet far more often than their screen …

Win! Saw: The Final Chapter On DVD Or Blu-Ray, Plus Bonus Stuff!

Michael Moran has some Saw prizes to give away: Some horror franchises seem to go on for ever but we’re assured that Saw: The Final Chapter really is the last cruel twist of Jigsaw’s bloody knife. What better way to celebrate …