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New Trailer For Melissa McCarthy’s Tammy

She hasn’t missed a step since Bridesmaids put her on the map.

First Trailer For Melissa McCarthy’s Roadtrip Comedy Tammy

Melissa McCarthy has certainly created a brand of comedy that’s uniquely her own over just a few short years.

Miranda Hart Headed To Hollywood For Paul Feig’s Spy Caper, Susan Cooper

Bridesmaids’ director and Freaks and Geeks creator Paul Feig is on the record as being a fan of British comediennes Sue Perkins and Miranda Hart.

Work Is Underway On A Sequel To The Heat, But Bridesmaids 2 Has Been Dead For Years

Kristen Wiig put the kibosh on Bridesmaids 2 in a heartbeat, but Paul Feig has still found his way to a hit comedy franchise.

Two Red Band Trailers – John Dies At The End And The Heat

Buddy cop comedy and reality bending narcotic experiences. Not at once.

Trailer: The Heat, A Buddy Cop Movie From The Director Of Bridesmaids

Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock star in their own buddy cop film.

Trailer: Melissa McCarthy Is Jason Bateman’s Identity Thief

Plus, posters by somebody with an oral fixation. Possibly.

Bridesmaids 2 Seems Even Less Likely As The First Film’s Alumni Line Up New Gigs

It was looking like Universal’s contingency plan for a Bridesmaids 2 was coming in to play now that Kristen Wiig had made it pretty clear she didn’t want to return for a do-over. The studio’s new idea was to focus …