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Becoming A Bee At MCM London Comic Con 2014

The Island Of Doctor Geof is a favourite stop at the MCM London Comic Con for me, since they went all mahogany. Steampunk isn’t exactly new at such gatherings, but this is steampunk with a very silly flavour, ¬†emphasis on …

79 More Cosplay Shots At MCM London Comic Con 2014

I took the girls to MCM London Comic Con 2014 yesterday – the first show they’ve been to where they were prepared to perform themselves, with their Minecraft swords. And the first place they got attention from others from carrying …

294 Shots From The Comics Village At MCM London Comic Con 2014

At today’s MCM London Comic Con, the Comics Village section was probably bigger than ever. Originally developed by Emma Vieceli, I hope she sees what it has become, growing from its original collection of tables, to stretching from one side …

From One Side Of MCM London Comic Con 2014 To The Other (VIDEO)

From one side of MCM London Comic Con 2014 to the other…. and then again for the second half of the show…

Fifty-One Cosplay Shots From MCM London Comic Con 2014

Courtesy of Frazer Brown… fifty-one cosplay shots from MCM London Comic Con this weekend. And a far better photographer than I… Frazer will also be attending the NYC Special Edition and NYCC for Bleeding Cool. We are not worthy…

Avengers Assemble Cosplay Panorama From MCM London Comic Con

  Courtesy of Frazer Brown… Clicky for biggy. Much much biggy.  

Storm Dogs Volume 2 Coming From David Hine And Doug Braithwaite

I bumped into David Hine on the Dockland Light Railway platform heading into yesterday’s MCM London Expo, laden down as he was with comics to sell – including his signed script-with-a-signed-comic innovative way for writers to, basically, do what artists …

Kill Shakespeare Takes On More And More Media

Talking to the Kill Shakespeare folk at MCM London Comic Con, I learned that, now that this revisionist Shakespeare comic book has been transformed into a board game and a stage show, Kill Shakespeare is moving to new media. Such …

The Beef, A New Comic From Shaky Kane, Tyler Shainline And Richard Starkings From Image In 2015

At the MCM London Comic Con yesterday, I had the immense pleasure to meet Richard Starking once more, signing and selling plenty of Elephantmen comics at the Travelling Man pavilion. He had a good chat about all manner of things, …

From One Side Of MCM London Comic Con To The Other – Video And Pics – With Added Becky Cloonan

I’ll shortly be heading out to the second day of MCM London Comic Con today, with the kids. But here’s how it was looking on the admittedly quieter Friday… And a look around the show – and find cosplay shots …

Things To Do In The Midlands This Week If You Like Comics. And Other Things.

Olly MacNamee writes, The MCM Midlands Comic Con returns to the International Centre in Telford this coming weekend, Saturday 15th February 2014, and as well as popular returning guest Hannah Spearrit (Primeval, S Club 7) the big draw no doubt …

Two Hundred And Sixty Photos From The Comics Village Of MCM London Comic Con

Bigger, More tables. Bigger tables. More artists and publishers. Here’s a little look at some of the Comics Village running at MCM London Comic Con this year, As ex-organiser Emma Vieceli said, less Comics Village, more Comicopolis… k

Minifig Yourself And Join Batman, Wonder Woman And Lord Business In The New Lego Movie Standee

That ice cream looks delicious.

Video: Hands On With The Deadpool Video Game

Don’t expect too much insight into how the game actually works, just some first impressions and observations.

Tony Lee And Mike Collins Take Doctor Who Back To The Wild West

At the IDW panel at MCM London Expo, it was announced by editor Dirk Wood that Tony Lee will indeed be returning to the Doctor Who comic in September as we surmised, replacing Andy Diggle for a four part story …

Not Live Blog: Edgar Wright And The World’s End Panel At MCM London Comic-Con

…and there were conversations about Star Wars and Ant Man. Sort of. But not quite.

Dredd Movie Sequel Might Still Be On The Cards Say Rebellion, 2000AD’s Publishers

Two little bits of Judge Dredd business came out of this afternoon’s Retailers Conference at the MCM London Comic-Con. I’m going to share the film-centric one first. Because, you know. Films.

Edgar Wright To Make A World’s End Appearance At MCM London Comic-Con

One of the summer’s better looking prospects will be stopping off in the docklands next weekend.