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No Peter Capaldi Doctor Who Comics From Titan. Yet. And Exactly Who Will Be Able To Sell Them?

Announced at the ComicsPRO retailer event in Atlanta, Georgia, are details of the two new monthly Doctor Who comics from Titan Comics. One featuring the Tenth Doctor even though he’s technically the eleventh, and one featuring the Eleventh Doctor even …

First Ever Picture Of Eleventh Doctor And Amy Pond

The real first ever image of Smith and Gillan on Who duty, taken during their costume tests.

A Brief Musical Tour Of Doctor Who – Look! It Moves! By Adi Tantimedh

Adi Tantimedh writes: I’d been thinking about the music of Doctor Who for a while and had hoped someone would write about it. Since no one has, I thought I’d give it a try, since it’s a major component of …

Has Matt Smith Really Left Doctor Who? (SPOILERS)

Well, it all depends how you define “left”.  Spoiler goggles on folks, head down, as Bleeding Cooler Lynda Matthews writes after popping by the current Doctor Who shoot in Cardiff this week. She writes what she, at least, thinks was …

The Curator Speaks – Tom Baker On His Secret Trip To Cardiff

In a post on his website, the amazing Tom Baker took to wishing everyone a Happy New Year and reminiscing about 2013. This led quickly to his cameo in the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special, The Day Of The Doctor. Though you …

Ten Thoughts About The Time Of The Doctor – It’s A Wonderful Thirteen Lives (UPDATE)

Welcome to the final Ten Thoughts of Matt Smith‘s run as Doctor Who. We’ll try not to spoil, or if we do only minor ones. But be safe, wait until you’ve seen it, then think along in the comments below. …

O Doctor! My Doctor! The Time Is Up, Matt Smith Is Gone And Doctor Who Won’t Be The Same Again

I’m so terribly sad to see him go.

A Doctor Puppet Holiday Special

Ever wonder what Doctor Who would look like done like the old Rankin/Bass Production Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer? Well here’s your chance to find out in the Christmas special from Doctor Puppet.

Peter Capaldi Gets A Mention In Today’s Doctor Who Comic. Literally.

Tomorrow sees Matt Smith’s final appearance as The Doctor in The Time of The Doctor. And the first appearance of anything more than Peter Capaldi’s eyes and eyebrows in the role. But first, today, we get a dimension-busting Doctor Who …

The Moment, or when Steven Moffat Created a Doctor Who Spinoff and Nobody Noticed – Look! It Moves! by Adi Tantimedh

By Adi Tantimedh Before we see Matt Smith’s final episode of Doctor Who this Christmas Day, I thought I would bring up something that I didn’t see anyone else talk about in the write-ups on The Day of The Doctor. …

New Doctor Who Clips – Time Of The Doctor And A Sontaran Christmas

As well as releasing another, brief clip from this Wednesday’s Doctor Who special, the BBC have dropped one more of their Strax pieces.

Matt Smith’s Still In The Tardis And They’re Already Releasing Peter Capaldi-Centric Promos For Doctor Who

I guess it’s good promotional sense for Auntie to market every element of The Time of the Doctor that she can but this does feel a little bit like a slap in my big, fat, Matt Smith fanboy face.

The Doctor And Clara Need A Time Machine In New Clip From The Time Of The Doctor

They can handle traveling through time and space and taking on intergalactic foes, but cooking a turkey? A little reinforcement is needed.

Full Trailer For The Time Of The Doctor (And Bonus Sherlock Season 3 Trailer, While We’re Here)

It’s going to be very a Very Moffaty Christmas.

A Big Gallery Of Images From The Time Of The Doctor, This Year’s Christmas Special Who‏

This Christmas is even more special as we’re going to see not only the end of Matt Smith’s reign and the beginning of Peter Capaldi’s.

British Doctor Goes American Psycho

The folks over at Cultbox.co.uk got their hands on some pretty cool pictures of out-going Doctor Who, Matt Smith as Patrick Bateman in the new musical adaptation of American Psycho based on the novel by Bret Easton Ellis. The musical/thriller is at the Almeida Theater in …

New Images From The Time Of The Doctor‏

Very convincing wig, isn’t it?

The Time Of The Doctor Is… 7.30pm to 8.30pm On Christmas Day

Don’t pretend you didn’t want to know.