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New Image From Sherlock Special May Be Paying Homage To Predecessor

The following images was posted yesterday by Sue Vertue, executive producer of Sherlock. She says this is how Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman will appear as Sherlock Holmes and John Watson in next year’s special. She also added the hastags: …

Emmy Recap – Big Night For Breaking Bad, Modern Family And Sherlock

The Emmy Awards last night seemed to be a chance for folks to say goodbye to Walter White, admit they watch PBS and perpetrate a almost true snubbing. The hit AMC series Breaking Bad took home the most Emmy’s of …

The Sherlock Christmas Special We Were Expecting Is Coming In 2015 Says Martin Freeman

I had heard that the next episode of Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss‘ Sherlock was going to be a Christmas special. I’d initially been led to believe that it would air in 2014, though I obviously started to doubt that quite …

Is FX’s Fargo A Sequel, Not A Remake?

By Ed Saul Hola, fellow internet television nuts! Everyone who writes for Bleeding Cool seems to have garnered for themselves a favorite new drama series which they recommend to pretty much any sentient being that will listen. I myself have …

Was The Sherlock One-Off Special Planned For This Christmas?

It’s been suggested to me a few times now that the next episode of Sherlock will air this Christmas. It was first suggested just before the third season had aired.

Martin Freeman Teases Potential Sherlock One-Off Special

So Sherlock fans won’t be seeing season 4 for a good long while but…

Holmes And Watson Are Ready For Your Toy Shelf

Big Chief Studios in the UK have put together some very life-like 1:6th scale figures of Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes and Martin Freeman as Doctor John Watson. The figures come with a nice batch of accessories and a diorama …

First Trailer For FX’s Fargo Miniseries

All the elements that made the original Faro so good is here.

Watch: A BBC News Report From Inside The World Of Sherlock

The line between fiction and fact is a skipping rope and the makers of Sherlock are Buffalo Girls.

Sherlock Lives – Reality And Fan Fiction In The Empty Hearse

Tonight’s seventh episode, the first of the third series, took the self-awareness and meta-textuality to new extremes.

New Footage And Bits: Trailer For Sherlock Season 3 On DVD, A Week Before It Starts On TV

Looking beyond the imminent TV screening of Sherlock’s third series.

Watch New Sherlock Minisode Many Happy Returns Right Now

It’s not only Doctor Who that gets the prequel and prologue minisodes now.

How Sherlock Survived The Reichenbach Fall: Looking For The Final Missing Clue

The solution to Sherlock’s big stunt is about to be made very, very public.

Full Trailer For The Time Of The Doctor (And Bonus Sherlock Season 3 Trailer, While We’re Here)

It’s going to be very a Very Moffaty Christmas.

Sherlock Getting In On The Minisode Game With Many Happy Returns This Christmas

You can see the next full episode at 9pm on January 1st, but before then…

Sherlock Season 3 To Start On January 1st, Continue January 5th, End January 12th

We’ll get through the whole lot of season 3 in just 11 days and 90 minutes. Not quite the four and a half hours it would take if it was released straight to Netflix, mind you.

Full Trailer For Sherlock Season 3

When better to premiere a trailer for Sherlock season 3 than after Doctor Who 50th anniversary special? Well, how about when I just got in from the cinema where I was watching that special.

Moody First Official Image Of Sherlock And John Watson From Their Upcoming Season 3

Tumblr is possibly nothing more than a pile of ashes right now as this image blurs its way around the tubes of the interweb at lightspeed.