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Mark Romanek To Direct ABC’s Alien Invasion Thriller Pilot The Visitors

Mark Romanek is returning to TV for the 2014 pilot season, and will direct ABC’s alien invasion thriller pilot The Visitors, according to Deadline. Based on Ray Bradbury’s short story Zero Hour, the series will: chronicles the race against the …

Mark Romanek In Talks To Direct Casey Affleck In Boston Strangler Drama

From Cinderella to the Boston Strangler? Well, this seems much more his speed anyway.

Watch: Jay Z’s Picasso Baby, A Short Film Directed By Mark Romanek

Inspired by Marina Abramovic’s The Artist is Present, Jay Z performed Picasso Baby for six hours and invited a number of guests to join in.

Tom Hanks And Ron Howard Back For Another Dan Brown Movie, Inferno

The star and director of The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons are reteaming for Inferno.

Universal Backing Locke & Key Feature Film

Shares some of its producers with the sublime TV pilot. Why hasn’t anybody leaked that yet?

Kenneth Branagh May Take Over For Mark Romanek On Disney’s Cinderella

Here come Shakespearean grandiosity, epic scale spectacles and gravitas to spare?

Mark Romanek No Longer Directing Disney’s Cinderella. Their Loss

The shine has gone off and Cinderella is back in her rags.

Three Actresses Named As Contenders For Mark Romanek’s Cinderella

Three young ladies competing for the chance to scrub the floor, get bullied and lose their shoe.

Locke & Key Has A Tiny, Tiny, Tiny Chance Of Coming To MTV

There are two interesting things to take away from Deadline‘s story on the possibility of the Locke & Key TV show coming to MTV. That there’s an incredibly slender possibility of this happening. That there’s enough interest in the show …

Mark Romanek’s Epic Hamster Dance

It’s tempting to read Mark Romanek‘s new Kia commercial as a big joke on computer-monitor culture, from faceless Halo fragfests to the lunacy of the Hamster Dance, memes buried in entirely different strata of the virtual world but sharing some of the …

Savour This Trailer For The Locke & Key TV Show

I recommend you milk this trailer for the Locke & Key TV show for every drop of enjoyment you can because it’s pretty unlikely you’ll ever see another frame. And I can’t even start to tell you how unfair that …

Mark Romanek On Style, Sci-Fi And Catharsis

Mark Romanek’s pensive Never Let Me Go is a film for the ages, a timeless love story and fragile yet supple tragedy that speaks to the one unchanging truth of human life: that it’s finite. This adaptation, by Romanek and …

Locke And Key Pilot To Play At Comic-Con

A week or so ago, Joe Hill announced via Twitter that the pilot for the Locke & Key TV show might get one public airing after all: Had word yesterday we’ll probably be able to show the Locke & Key …

Fox’s Wishlist Of Directors For The Wolverine

Having lost Darren Aronofsky to a personal situation, Fox are once again hunting for a director to see their next Wolverine project to the screen. Seeing as X-Men: First Class is about to bloom into a box-office and critical smash for …

The Locke And Key Pilot Is “Beautiful And Magical” But Fox Are Still Dithering

It’s the time of year when the Network Execs sit in and watch their pile of pilots, in order to decide which they’ll show the green light, and which will get the finger. We’ve been following some of these shows …

First Look At TV’s Locke & Key

Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez‘ comic book Locke & Key is, all things being well, headed to TV in the autumn. The pilot episode was written by Josh Friedman, creator of The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and directed by Mark Romanek, …

Sandman TV Series Is Still Going Ahead, Neil Gaiman Contributing

The Dream is alive. According to DC High Fiver Geoff Johns, reporting through the medium of Twitter, work continues on the Sandman TV series: Correction to world, The Sandman is AWAKE! :) Psyched to be working with @neilhimself on developing …

The Locke And Key Casting Continues

As Mark Romanek and crew draw closer to production on the pilot episode of Locke and Key, adapted from the Joe Hill comics by Josh Friedman, more casting is snapping into place. The latest addition is young Irish actress Sarah …