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Marc Forster To Direct Sci-Fi Thriller Red Rising As World War Z Follow-Up

It’s the first part of a trilogy so this is a potential franchise launcher.

Unsurprisingly, The World War Z Sequel Will Need A New Director

I think World War Z ended up, against all expectations, being the most satisfying of Marc Forster’s films to date. It’s going to be a tough story to sequelise, though.

World War Z — The Bleeding Cool Review

Today’s modern zombie is a faster, fitter corpse than the shambling undead brainmuncher of yesteryear. Michael Moran reports from the world of the jumping ghoul.

Clip From World War Z – This Is Just The Beginning

The first few shots of this World War Z clip play out with such interesting sound that it’s something of a shame when the music kicks in.

For $50 You Can See World War Z Two Days Early As Part Of “Mega Ticket” Deal

Also includes a digital copy of the film – just not quite yet. Are you tempted?

Report: World War Z Movie Censored In Pursuit Of Chinese Box-Office

Here’s another full-on smooch in Hollywood and the Chinese film industry’s increasingly hot and heavy romance.

New World War Z Trailer – Now In HD And Officially Official

The second full trailer for World War Z has been released in high quality, fully downloadable in HD and all proper-shiny.

The World War Z Poster Is Pretty Epic

They’re like a pile of creepy crawlies. Just bigger. And more dangerous to helicopters.

VIdeo: Leaked, Second Full World War Z Trailer

Apple are promising an exclusive premiere of the World War Z trailer on Monday. They might want to have a word with YouTube about that – copies of the thing are popping up like CG zombies.

World War Z Superbowl Ad – Why Wait Til Sunday?

How many zombies do you think they’ll be able to squeeze into just 30 seconds?

Full Trailer For World War Z – A Zombie Apocalypse Of Epic Proportions

It’s borderline biblical as the zombie hordes reach critical mass.

Damon Lindelof Called In To Rewrite World War Z

Forget that chatter about World War Z being in reshoots right now, it seems that the first report was jumping the gun a little. New information has it that the production will pick up again in the Autumn, and with …

Sunday Trending Topics: World War Z

From one of today’s top topics: “The picture started filming nearly a year ago and then wrapped last summer — but clearly director Marc Forster and his producers aren’t happy, because seven weeks is a long time to re-shoot a …

World War Z Getting An Overhaul From Seven Weeks Of Reshoots

I don’t know what’s up with World War Z but I must admit that I’ve been sceptical about this project from day one. First of all, there was the appointment of director Marc Forster who has shown no facility with …

Machine Gun Preacher Trailer – From The Director Of World War Z

Marc Forster‘s directorial career has stretched from the lo-fi melodrama of Everything Put Together and Monsters Ball, through the visual contrivance of Stay and conceptual contrivance of Stranger Than Fiction, then on to lumbering studio pictures like The Kite Runner …

World War Z Before And After – The Book’s Blurb, Versus The Film’s

Every work from one medium must undergo a process of adaptation as it steps into another. It’s a popular delusion that “the book is always better than the film,” but I just don’t buy it. The book’s not a film, …

SCOOP: World War Z Going Ahead, Cinematographer Prepping At Studio Right Now

Marc Forster‘s film of World War Z appears to be on the absolute tip of the cusp of the verge of crossing the line and entering production. Right as we speak, the film’s cinematographer is busy prepping at one of …

World War Z To Film In London This Year

A few days ago, our good friends at Deadline reported that the adaptation of Max Brooks‘ World War Z starring Brad Pitt and directed by Marc Forster was still on. Bleeding Cool has had a keen interest in this adaptation, …