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Man Of Steel Writer David Goyer, Attached To New TV Show. Its Name? ‘Krypton’.

We told you Warners was developing a Supergirl TV show. It was confirmed by others. We told you Fox was developing an X-Men TV show. It was also confirmed by others. And now? Something that may be inspired by the …

NYCC: Looking Inside The Lootcrate Box

Brian Goldberg writes for Bleeding Cool: I’m a sucker for an exclusive.  I’m especially a sucker for a limited exclusive.  Geek swag subscription service Lootcrate is offering a special NYCC box limited to 250 per day.  I am not a …

Was Aquaman Already Introduce To The DC Cinematic Universe?

This one has been bouncing around for a day or two and I think it may be a long shot, but you never know. A site called SchmoesKnows says they know how Aquaman will be introduced into the DC film …

Harry Lennix Says Some Of The Batman v Superman Rumors Are True

Harry Lennix (The Blacklist) played General Swanwick in 2012′s Man Of Steel which was a dream come true… not the dream to play Superman… but the dream to be in a movie with Superman. Lennix talks with ScreenweekTV about his …

Scott Snyder Refutes The Man Of Steel Explanation That The ‘S’ Means Hope, In Today’s Superman Unchained

There are very many cool things in today’s Superman Unchained. The new Superman costume. The fleet of Batmobiles. But there’s one bit for me that stands out, and may last the years as far as the comic books are concerned. …

Is There Really A Solo Batman Movie Scheduled For 2019? Is That Even The Question We Should Be Asking?

According to a rumour published by Latino Review, Warner Bros. are loosely planning a solo Batman movie for 2019 and they’re thinking about calling it The Batman. If this is true, then this marks the most organised moment in the …

Alleged Image Of Affeck Batsuit Turns Up, May Well Be Totally Fake – UPDATED: It Is Fake

If this *is* real, then what do you think?

The Batman-Superman Film May Be Subtitled Fight Or Flight‏

To be honest, it’s not as bad as the older ones while still being off-putting.

DC Comics and Dwayne Johnson – Know Your Role

By Shaun Leonard Finally… The Rock has been cast as a superhero. Or perhaps he’ll play his first silver screen villain (we’ll debate The Mummy Returns in the comments I’m sure). This would be against Dwayne Johnson’s usual type, but …

Dan Mishkin Asks Why Shouldn’t Wonder Woman Be Kryptonian?

This week there was an odd internet rumor buzzing around of a very different background for Wonder Woman in the planned Man Of Steel sequel. Supposedly she or the Amazons would have ties to Krypton. Maybe connecting to the empty chamber …

DC Movies Vs. Marvel Movies… As Told By DC

Maybe I should write them a letter myself and try to get some clarification. Something has obviously gotten a little confused here, and it’s only fair to give them the right of reply…

DC’s 10 Moments That Mattered in 2013

Over on the DC Comics website as the year was ending they ran their 10 Moments That Mattered in 2013. It may be more interesting by what’s not on the list than what is. Are these the 10 moments you think mattered? …

Batman-Superman Movie To Get New Draft By Argo Screenwriter

Given that a lot of pre-production and even some shooting has taken place, don’t expect that he’ll have the latitude to make any drastic changes.

VFX Supervisor John Desjardin On Man Of Steel, The Dark Knight Returns And The Batman-Superman Movie

Including an anecdote about Watchmen that I’m sure will prove to be a debate prompter.

First-Look Artwork Tied To The Superman Vs. Batman Film, For Auction *Now* For We Can Be Heroes

These images were created specifically to raise money and the brief was simply for the artists to respond to the Superman plus Batman notion of the next film.

Zack Snyder Confirms That Lex Luthor Is In The Man Of Steel Sequel, Reveals First Tiny Detail

It’s not much, certainly not in terms of word count, but Zack Snyder is currently taking part in a live fan event webcast for Man of Steel and let slip the following tiny tease.

Watch The Man Of Steel Live Fan Event Video Here And Now

Here are Kevin Smith, Zack Snyder and some of the Man of Steel players, throwing a live “fan event” to promote the imminent Blu-ray release of this summer’s Superman film. I hope Smith doesn’t accidentally swear. He’s certainly trying hard …

Kevin Smith Hosting Official Man Of Steel Webcast – Batman-Superman Announcements And Artwork Teased

If it so happens that the Batman-Superman film is actually a Trinity movie or, somehow, Justice League, then this weekend could be when Warner Bros. come clean.