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Everything Wrong With Maleficent

Cinema Sins has done their thing with the latest Disney film adapting themselves from animation to live-action, Maleficent. It takes them 13 minutes to cover all of the perceived sins in the film… which means there are a lot of …

Maleficent Gets An Honest Trailer

This week the Screen Junkies whipped up an Honest Trailer for one of Disney’s big movies of the year… no not a Marvel movie… but rather the Angelina Jolie lead film Maleficent. The film made over $240 million domestically and …

Disney And Amazon In Fight Over Captain America And Maleficent Blu-rays

There is a standoff in the works here between Disney and Amazon over the contract terms for selling some of Disney’s biggest DVD/Blu-ray titles including Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Maleficent, Million Dollar Arm and Muppets Most Wanted. The on-line …

On Set Interview: Elle Fanning Lays Really, Really Still And Talks About Maleficent

Way back in 2012, before all of those months of CG work and post production, we stopped by and visited the set of Maleficent. You can read the full report in the new issue of Bleeding Cool magazine, complete with …

Maleficent Interview: Sam Riley On Getting The Tone Right, Learning From Birds And More

One of the more interesting characters in Maleficent is Diaval, her sidekick, or familiar. Sometimes he is a crow, and sometimes he is Sam Riley-shaped.

Video: Looking Deeper Into Disney Infinity’s Marvel Superheroes Game, Avengers Characters And Playsets

I’m a proud fan of the first Disney Infinity but this year’s 2.0 version promises to be better in every respect.

First Clip From Maleficent Released

That’s right, all the mayhem she causes is because she wasn’t invited to a party.

So-Called Final Maleficent Trailer – What Could Make A Good Fairy Go Bad?

It can certainly be interesting to see the black-and-white morals of fairytales get a little tweak.

IMAX And Character Posters For Maleficent

I guess poor Brenton Thwaites doesn’t get a poster.

Funko Releases Old School Classics And New Movie Magic

Funko has announced some of their newest toys and it’s quite the range from a Rocketeer action figure with removable Helmet and Jet Pack to classic Hanna-Barbera animation Pops of Fred Flintstone, Barney Rubble, Frankenstein Jr, and my personal favorite …

New Maleficent Featurette, Special Preview Starts In Disney Parks Tomorrow

It’s been tied-in to an announcement that, from tomorrow, an “extended sneak peek” at the film will play in both East and West Coast Disney parks in the US.

Another New Trailer For Maleficent Starring Angelina Jolie

Unfortunately, it appears they gave away the best parts in yesterday’s tease.

Maleficent Gets Wings In Newest Teaser Trailer And Poster

The full trailer will be out tomorrow and I guess we’ll get to see more of her previously unseen sides.

New Trailer For Maleficent Sells It On The Disney Legacy, And I Guess I Would Too

I hope this comes off. Even if it doesn’t, we can all just run back to Sleeping Beauty anyway.

Two Posters For Maleficent Released

If you had shown me these two posters and asked which belonged to which country, I probably would have guessed backwards.

A Clear Shot Of The Maleficent Pixies, Played By Imelda Staunton, Lesley Manville And Juno Temple

While we’ve seen them flit about here and there in the various trailers, this is the first very clear view we have of the three fairies (pixies, in this film).

Angelina Jolie Shares A Screen With Her Daughter In Newest Maleficent Photo

That’s Vivienne Jolie-Pitt, aka 2023′s Best Supporting Actress Oscar winner, with mom Angelina.

Angelina Jolie In New Maleficent Trailer Featuring Lana Del Ray’s Take On Once Upon A Dream

Promos are coming in fast and furious now that the May 30th release date isn’t so far away.