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Mad Men Series 7 Part One And Mad Men 1-6 DVD Box Sets Up For Grabs

Okay, so Mad Men Series 7 Part One (because they are bastards like that) has just been released on DVD and Blu-Ray in the UK from Lionsgate. It’s almost the end… MAD MEN returns for its final season, the beginning …

Late Night Fun – Linsner Draws Hendricks As Dawn

In honor of last nights return of Mad Men, comic artist Joseph Michael Linsner tweeted a piece he had done of actress Christina Hendricks as his character Dawn.   In honor of tonight’s #MadMen #MadMenCountdown @christinahendrk as my #comics character …

New Promo For Mad Men Leaves It All Up In The Air

AMC is really sticking to its airport theme in marketing the seventh and final season.

First Promo And Plot Details For Mad Men’s Final Season

Don Draper is on a journey, is the very literal symbolism behind the first brief promo.

Mad Men To Borrow A Trick From Breaking Bad, Split Final Season Into Two Halves

A break in the programming of a TV series, particularly one that moves sets of episodes into separate years, isn’t spreading one season into two halves, it’s replacing one long season with two short ones.

Look! It Moves! by Adi Tantimedh: Mastering The Master

Adi has a definition of “arthouse.”

Gimmick Tees Adds Dr. Who/Mad Men Collectible

Who is to say what is and what isn’t “collectible” in the world of comics? Gimmick Tees, formerly FSC Tees, offers a new design every week, to then be “retired” and never printed again. So, if you like the design, …

Periscope Studios Draws Mad Men

Periscope Studios is a collection of comic artists, writers, illustrators and designers working out of a studio in downtown Portland, Oregon. Their membership is Aaron McConnell, Ben Bates, Ben Dewey, Cat Farris, Colleen Coover, David Hahn, Dustin Weaver, Dylan Meconis, …

Friday Runaround – All Star Lois Lane

VeteranWatch: Dougie’s War, released yesterday, is a graphic novel about a Scottish soldier returning home after Afghanistan. It was launched by veterand ind intends to parallel the classic Charlie’s War… MadMenWatch: Christina Hendricks is to play Lois Lane in the …

The Mad Men Comic That Never Was

There have been plenty of TV-to-comics over the years, from Sergeant Bilko to Doctor Who. For some it became a licence to print money, such as X-Files or Buffy Season 8. Some, like Chuck, are more forgettable. But wouldn’t you …