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Shout Factory Announces New DVD/Blu-ray Releases Including UHF, Mad Max And The Facts Of Life

Peter S. Svensson downs Gatorade to write for Bleeding Cool. Shout Factory releases the best nostalgic DVDs with exceptional bonus features. GI Joe and Transformers, Mystery Science Theatre 3000 and Freaks and Geeks. Power Rangers (a subject dear to my …

More Images From Mad Max: Fury Road Reveal Nicholas Hoult And More

These new images really give us a good idea of how visually crazy this movie will be.

New Image Of Tom Hardy And Charlize Theron As Their Mad Max Characters

From the cover of this week’s EW, and complete with a slightly disturbing joke about Charlize Theron‘s character only having one arm, here’s the hero and villainess of Mad Max: Fury Road. Hardy is playing “Mad” Max Rockatansky, Theron is playing Imperator …

Image Watch: Spreading The Love Of Spread With Justin Jordan & Kyle Strahm

By David Dissanayake With their new Image ongoing series Spread, Justin Jordan, Kyle Strahm, and Felipe Sobriero have concocted the most intriguing idea for a horror comic that I’ve heard in a long time:  Lone Wolf & Cub in an …

Mad Max Videogame Pushed Back To Next Year, Features A Lot Of Car Action

It’s not only the big screen Mad Max who is subject to delays.

Another Image Of Tom Hardy In Mad Max Fury Road

I hope we’re drawing in on some officially marketing materia. It’s definitely been a long time coming.

Mad Max: Fury Road Leaps Into The 2015 Mosh Pit With A 3D Post-Conversion

We finally know when Mad Max: Fury Road will be released and, going right along the grain, it’s going to be way, way off in the summer of 2015.

Better, Uncropped Image From The New Mad Max Film, This Time Without Scribble On It

The last time we saw this snap, it had been printed out, signed by Tom Hardy and then rephotographed. Now we get less squiggling and a proper look at the bike.

Mad Max Fury Road To Get Three Weeks Worth Of Extra Shooting, Adding New Scenes And Characters

From what we understand of the new film’s storyline and structure, there seems to be a clue that these will be additional scenes providing back story for one of the supporting characters.

Now Is The Time To Buy The Mad Max And Terminator Blu-ray Box Sets

The Mad Max Trilogy and the Terminator “Anthology” are both discounted right now.

Mad Max “Motion Comics” Fill Out The Backstory Of The Video Game

Apparently quite separate and distinct from the still rather secretive Fury Road movie sequel, the Mad Max video game nonetheless has an involved and elaborate back story.

New Trailer For Mad Max Game Sort Of Shows You Some Gameplay

This new trailer from Avalanche Studio’s Mad Max will give you a rough idea of the graphical quality and some aspects of play but it is more about staging action with nifty camera angles and the like.

Video: A Quick Tour Of Mad Max’s Fury Road Interceptor

I know that some people are really into cars, so…

Mad Max: Fury Road Script Turns Up In The Wild, Ends Up On Instagram

[Removed By Request Of Warner Bros]

First Image Of Mad Max In The Form Of Tom Hardy – Or Is It?

Tom Hardy is looking rugged, but Rockatansky rugged?

Mad Max Fury Road Logo Spotted In The Wild

There’s a new Mad Max in town and he’s been… um… wearing clothes.

Official Plot Blurb And Cast List For Mad Max: Fury Road

Complete with the oddest use of the word ‘burger’ I’ve ever seen.

Mad Max Fury Road Set Pics Reveal Tom Hardy’s Big, Bushy Rockatansky Beard

Tom Hardy has observed that there won’t be many razors in the apocalyptic future world of Mad Max’s Fury Road. As a result, he’s been growing quite the monster of a beard for the last couple of months or so. …