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Fox Are In Deep Development On A Live-Action X-Men TV Show

Bleeding Cool’s Hollywood sources (which also brought you the news that Warners were shipping round a Supergirl series – though we did get the producer wrong) have just landed us a massive trout, flapping around on the Bleeding Cool deck. …

Official Images Of The Live-Action Patlabor On The Scene

We know that Mamoru Oshii is in someway associated with this film, and we’re now pretty sure of the The Next Generation surtitle. Everything else is guesswork.

Putting The Sentinels In The Shade – See The Full Size Prop Mecha From The Patlabor Movie

Though some CG animation is inevitable – not least because the film is being produced by the computer animation company Omnibus Japan – it seems that a practical, and full scale mech has been built.

Trailer And Images: Live Action Gatchaman – Or Battle Of The Planets, Where I Come From

Aww, they’ve really lost that birdy feeling.

Live Action Patlabor Set For 2014

An official website has opened, heralding the arrival of a live action Mobile Police Patlabor movie in 2014. The URL mentions both Patlabor and Next Generation so I’m thinking this will be some kind of sequel.

Toy Story Remade In Live Action. All Of It

Staring some toys in the roles of Andy’s Toys.

Chris Weston’s Storyboards For Albert Hughes’ Live Action Akira

When these things start to come out, you know there’s no more chance. Still, here are some of Chris Weston’s live-action Akira storyboards, as posted on his blog.   

Akira: The Live-Action American Remake – Afterwards They Will Explode

Patrick Willems does the impossible with a new Afterwards They Will Explode video for Bleeding Cool.. Live Action Akira for $800. Jump on.

Warner Bros. Want Robert Zemeckis To Remake The Wizard Of Oz From The Original Script – UPDATED

Curveball, coming in fast. And now stopping in mid-air. Now doing a dance and whistling. That is how unpredictable this news piece feels. Warner Bros. are looking to remake The Wizard of Oz and they really mean remake it. The …