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Very Serious Trailer for Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues – No Joke Cut

What would Anchorman look like as a serious drama? What better day of the year than to ask this very question?

Here’s The “Gay Way” Song From The New Version Of Anchorman 2

Currently in cinemas across the US and UK is a new edit of Anchorman 2, replacing many of the jokes and inserting new material that was, previously, just cluttering up the cutting room floor.

Ron Burgandy Laughs Off The Onset Of The 24 Hour News Cycle In New Anchorman 2 Clip

By the hymen of Olivia Newton-John!

Very Timely Anchorman 2 Promo: Ron Burgundy Tries To Understand Doctor Who

Somebody is trying to help Ron Burgundy understand one of the day’s biggest news stories.

Watch: Ron Burgundy’s Anti-Piracy Announcement, If That’s What It Is…

They’re lucky to have a character that’s so easy to spin-off into marketing materials like this, not to mention an actor with so much vested.

Two New Full Trailers For Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues – UPDATED

I’m surprised how much it feels like Ron Burgundy and his cohort never went away.

Video: Ron Burgundy Flogging Cars To Promote The New Anchorman Movie

We’re interested, really, because it gives Ron Burgundy another chance to do his thing.

Ron Burgundy’s Goodwood Revival Report To Promote Anchorman 2

Some very old cars and some innuendo. Of course.

Anchorman 2 Cover Photo And More Plot Details, Or At Least Detail

It seems like Ron Burgundy will be down on his luck at the opening of Anchorman 2. According to EW: Set a few years after the first movie, Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues finds Ron Burgundy — who has lost …

First Poster For Anchorman 2, Trailer Coming Soon

It’s kind of a big deal, he says.

Anchorman 2 Will Feature Nicole Kidman, Vince Vaughn And Luke Wilson, Paul Rudd Takes Clip To Conan

Amongst the many, many bit-part players on Anchorman 2 we’ll get glimpses of Nicole Kidman, though who knows what she’ll be doing, and Vince Vaughn and Luke Wilson, presumably reprising their roles from the first film.

Harrison Ford Signs On For… Anchorman 2? Okay. Sounds Good

Harrison Ford is to play his second TV news broadcaster in just three years. Can’t say I blame him, what with all the sitting down and lack-of-snakes.

Looks Like John C. Reilly Will Be Popping Up In Anchorman 2

Adam McKay has already talked about how he wants the cast of this sequel to be wall-to-wall high-quality, slam-dunking players. Even still, Reilly might stand out as one of the best.

Ron Burgundy’s New Nemesis Is Going To Look A Lot Like James Marsden

We’ve been teased that the Anchorman sequel is going to feature the birth of 24 hour news networks and the hiring of a more ethnically diverse range of anchors. How James Marsden fits into this, I don’t know.

Kristen Wiig Wanted For Anchorman 2

Move over lamp, Brick’s getting a new love.

Christina Applegate Finally Promised For Anchorman Sequel

In what appears to be an uncredited, stolen bit of content, Perez Hilton has quoted David Koechner, who plays Champ Kind in the Anchorman films, on two key points of the upcoming sequel. Firstly, that Christina Applegate will be returning …

What Can We Tell From The First Anchorman 2 Poster?

Almost nothing. The year the film is coming out. The year of this poster’s copyright. The lack of a 2 in the title, despite what I already said. The subtitle. That some people wear the same shoes and trousers quite …