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JJ Abrams And Lawrence Kasdan’s Star Wars Video At Least Has Promise

There’s more casting coming. Hopefully soon. Maybe today, before midnight? No such chance.

More Star Wars Episode VII Plot And Cast Details – Michael Fassbender, Hugo Weaving, Adam Driver In Contention

New characters being written in, old characters getting more screen time and a revamped casting wishlist.

Rumour Joins The Dots: Lawrence Kasdan Writing The Boba Fett Spin-Off Movie

Joining dots. Next to be joined? Joe Johnston’s involvement, I’d say…

New Star Wars Script Being Rewritten By JJ Abrams And Lawrence Kasdan

Including the official statement from Lucasfilm.

George Lucas Had “Signed” Hamill, Fisher And Ford For New Star Wars Before Disney Became Involved

It seems that Lucasfilm’s plans for a new Star Wars trilogy were actually rather advanced before the Disney deal took place. Rumours did start as far back as 2009, and those original stories are looking more and more on the money day by day.

Expect Hamill, Fisher And Ford In Star Wars Episode VII – But As Parents? The Kids Are The Stars?

“Their children will be the new main characters… the bigger question is, which young actors will play their kids?”

Lucasfilm’s Quoteful JJ Abrams’ Announcement, Lawrence Kasdan And Simon Kinberg “Advising”

Quotes from all and sundry. And all’s dog and sundry’s mother.

Star Wars Spin-Offs Coming – Kasdan And Kinberg’s Star Wars Scripts Not Yet Set For Main Saga

There’s more to new Star Wars than the main saga, and Lucasfilm are planning for it already.