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First Trailer For The Legend Of Korra: Book Three

The world of Nickelodeon’s Avatar series is getting very rich and sophisticated. There were three seasons of The Last Airbender, each more elaborate and expansive than the last, and soon the third ‘book’ of spin-off The Legend of Korra will …

Watch: First Episode Of Last Airbender Spin-Off Series, Republic City Hustle

As you might expect, the animation style is somewhat different for the show proper, but some of this does look nice, and the designs at least are attractive and well-coloured.

BC Mag #2: Avatar The Last Airbender

Bleeding Cool Magazine article by James Kuhoric Avatar the Last Airbender is one of those series that captivates an audience with substance as well as flash. Developed in 2005 by Michael DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, the show is set in …

New Trailer For The Last Airbender: The Legend Of Korra – New Characters, New Scenes, New Awful Voice Over

This is going to be popular, eh?

VIDEO: Opening Sequence For Avatar: The Last Airbender Sequel, The Legend Of Korra

I’m ill and the video is self explanatory so not many words… Then, beneath the opening sequence, the trailer for The Legend of Korra that premiered at Comic-Con. Found at 6 Theory forum.

Comic-Con Trailer For The Last Airbender: The Legend Of Korra

Action packed, handsomely designed and very nicely coloured, the first trailer for The Last Airbender’s sequel series, The Legend of Korra, is bound to whip up some real fan interest. But then again, so would a new Last Airbender exercise …

The Razzies 2011: All Of The Winners

The Golden Raspeberries took place last night, one night ahead of The Oscars as is now traditional. It wasn’t quite a Last Airbender avalanche, thanks in no small part to Sex and the City 2. I have to say I’m …