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First Official Image Of Ben Foster As Lance Armstrong

He’s certainly nailed the Armstrong grimace.

First Trailer For Alex Gibney’s The Armstrong Lie

Alex Gibney tells the story of Lance Armstrong’s biggest lie. A lie that he told to Gibney too.

First Clip From Alex Gibney’s Lance Armstrong Documentary, The Armstrong Lie

Alex Gibney was reportedly filming a documentary about Lance Armstrong before the doping scandal broke but when it did I’m sure the focus changed somewhat.

Stephen Frears Is Making A Lance Armstrong Movie With Ben Foster To Star

A crowded peloton of Lance Armstrong movies are in our future. Could Stephen Frears’ pic lead the pack?

Bradley Cooper Talking To JJ Abrams About Playing Lance Armstrong In Biopic

Not a bad choice at all. There’s some physical resemblance, sure, but Cooper has also proven himself to be a most capable actor.

Bad Robot To Tell The Truth About Lance Armstrong

I suppose it’s possible, although not likely, that you have yet to hear about Lance Armstrong’s career-shattering confession of using performance-enhancement drugs.