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The Dharma Of Take No Prisoners – Teaser Trailer For House Of Lies Season 4

Showtime has released a teaser trailer for House of Lies season 4 and we get to see how Marty Kaan (Don Cheadle) deals with going to prison and Jeannie Van Der Hooven (Kristen Bell) is going to work on growing …

Disney’s Frozen To Get New Short In Time For Spring

Walt Disney Animation has announced a new short based on the characters from Frozen debuting in the spring of 2015. Frozen Fever will feature a new song by Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez who won an Oscar for Let It …

Christopher Walken As Captain Hook

Not often am I going to cover musicals on this site, but when you hear it’s a musical with Christopher Walken as Captain Hook… it has to grab your attention. Ever since the Sound Of Music was a ratings boom …

When Kristen Bell Called Up Bleeding Cool To Chat About Veronica Mars – The Character, The Movie, The Novels

Veronica Mars, in person. Sort of. Close as can be.

Watch: The First Couple Of Minutes Of The Veronica Mars Movie Will Get You Up To Speed

Here’s a kind of title sequence, of sorts, from the Veronica Mars movie.

Nobody Told Me About This – Veronica Mars Has Been Released On DVD In The UK

I fell in love with this super-funny, Whedon-pleasing mystery show back when it was screening on US TV.

Veronica Mars Is The First Major Studio Movie To Hit Digital On Same Day As Cinemas

Also: first details and cover for the movie’s sequel novel, The Thousand Dollar Tanline.

New Veronica Mars Spin-Off Coming Courtesy Of CW And The Internet

Word from the TCA Press Tour is that The CW have plans for a new Veronica Mars spin-off. The bad news, if it is in any way bad, is that this new show isn’t for TV but for their online video site, Seed.

Full Trailer For The Veronica Mars Movie – From Where I’m Standing, This Looks Tremendous

The marketing for Veronica Mars has to walk that same old tricky line between appealing to die hard fans as well as newbies. I’m so firmly in the first camp that I can’t even see if it’s succeeding.

Veronica Mars Set For Release On March 14th Next Year, New Clip Gets Its Claws Out‏

There’s a clip from the film at EW too, showing Veronica bantering with some old friends and some old… well, enemies would be too strong a word.

Blimey The Veronica Mars Movie Looks Good – New Footage Explains The Set-Up

There are several brilliant little character beats, gags and story ideas on display in this new Veronica Mars featurette.

Full Trailer For Disney’s Frozen Gives A Far Better Idea Of What The Film Actually Entails

This year’s toon from Walt Disney Animation is Frozen, loosely adapted from Hans Christian Andersen’s The Snow Queen. You’ll see how loosely from this trailer.

First Footage From The Veronica Mars Movie – The Comic-Con Reel And Trailer

This video blends footage from the upcoming Veronica Mars film with some behind the scenes business.

Live Blog – The Veronica Mars Panel At San Diego Comic Con’s Hall H

Did we know Jaime Lee Curtis is in this? Very cool.

New Frozen Images And Descriptions Introduce Us To The Characters

It’s still early days but I think Marshmallow is my favourite.

Snow Monsters And Ice Queens – New Footage From Disney’s Frozen

Not just a snowman and an elk this time.

Veronica Mars Movie Budget Coming Entirely From Kickstarter, More Rewards To Be Added

Many of the specifics of just how Veronica Mars can become a fan-funded Kickstarter movie remain a little obscured right now but here are some of the facts on how it will all go down.

Veronica Mars Movie – Kristen Bell Starts Kickstarter Campaign

From one point of view this seems like we’re standing on the top of a slippery slope. From another, it might get us a Veronica Mars movie so, hey. I’ll slip a little.