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The Search For The Female Assassin: An Argument For More Diversity In Gaming

By J. Michael Neal In recent years, Marvel has shaken the status quo by crowning Pakistani-American Kamala Khan the next Ms. Marvel and granting biracial teen Miles Morales the mantle of Spider-Man. In July, Marvel made headlines yet again by …

Knights Of The Old Republic, The Movie? Saturday Trending Topics

Star Wars / Lucasfilm rumors have been running rampant in the… 4 months since Disney acquired the company (and it’s a testament to just how much movement there’s been that the interval since the acquisition seems much, much longer than …

Rumour: Lucasfilm Developing A Knights Of The Old Republic Movie

We’re hearing from all over the place that Lucasfilm are at a very experimental stage with their Star Wars films right now, dabbling with ideas from left, right and centre.