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Doctor Strange Casting Rumor

I’ve hesitated to post this one, but it doesn’t seem to be going away. This is Infamous is saying that Marvel has found their man to be the Sorcerer Supreme. The reason I hesitate is that so far Marvel has …

Feige Talks Black Panther And Captain Marvel Plus More Ant-Man Set Photos

Busy news day today so we’ll combine these two as well. First up Marvel Studios’ main man Kevin Feige had a recent interview with IGN where he was asked specifically about the characters of Black Panther and Captain Marvel. They’re …

Kevin Feige Talks Guardians Of The Galaxy 2

With Guardians of the Galaxy winning the weekend and James Gunn already working on the second script, IGN talked with Kevin Feige about what we might see in summer of 2017. On whether Peter Quill’s father be addressed in the …

Marvel, Fox, And What We’re Calling The Blue Aliens Now

By Nas Hoosen [*Incredibly minor Guardians of the Galaxy spoilers below] If you’re a Marvel Studios exec, I’ll bet there are days you want to kick someone over the contracts signed during the company’s bankruptcy. Specifically those that handed over …

Kevin Feige On Josh Brolin Playing Thanos In Guardians Of The Galaxy

In a chat with Collider, Marvel Studios‘ main man Kevin Feige talks about having Josh Brolin play Thanos in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie. We knew he was going to be in this movie.  We wanted somebody to be …

Will Doctor Strange Be A Horror Movie?

In an interview with Empire Magazine, Kevin Feige talked about all things Marvel Studios. But at the very end of the interview he was asked if the hiring of Scott Derrickson who is mainly know for Horror meant that Doctor …

Kevin Feige Addresses The Complicated Movie Rights Of Namor The Sub-Mariner

In an interview with IGN.com, the head of Marvel Studios was asked about the possiblity of Universal and Legendary Pictures making a Sub-Mariner movie. Kevin Feige responded with, “No.” They then asked him if a Namor film was going to …

Kevin Feige Says Peyton Reed Is The Right Man For Ant-Man

At a screening of Guardians of the Galaxy this morning in London, Marvel Studios‘ head man Kevin Feige was asked by IGN.com why Peyton Reed was the right man to helm Ant-Man. Reed, who was once being considered to direct …

Kevin Feige Clarifies Where Things Stand With Ant-Man And Doctor Strange

The best transcripts out of Kevin Feige‘s CineEurope presentation come from Total Film. They’ve got pretty much everything he said, but what concerns us, right now, are his comments on Ant-Man and Doctor Strange. We’ll start with Ant-Man. There’s been …

Avengers 2 Will Have Big Roles For Hawkeye And The Hulk‏

Good news for Jeremy Renner in particular. He was reportedly quite miffed by his role in The Avengers.

A Modest Proposal: Marvel, Sony and Fox Need to Share IP

By Tony Panaccio It’s a Big Sandbox, People – If You Play Nice, You’ll ALL Make Billions There is one word – one ridiculous word – that Marvel cannot use in any of its self-produced films within its cinematic universe. …

Marvel Could Well Start Releasing Three, Maybe Four Movies Per Year‏

The way Kevin Feige tells it, demand could well lead Marvel to supply three, if not four, movies per year.

Watch: Last Night’s Guardians Of The Galaxy Live Panel Video With Cast And Crew

Click play now and, if it’s still not time for the Q&A, you’ll get the exact countdown timer for when it will begin.

Thor 3 Underway With Craig Kyle And Christopher Yost Writing The Screenplay

All old hands. Perhaps they’ll bring in an outsider to direct, somebody to keep them away from formula or stagnation, maybe?

Captain America 3 Coming Together, Anthony And Joe Russo Attached To Direct

A show of confidence for The Winter Soldier.

The New Marvel Studios Logo

If you went and saw Thor: The Dark World over the weekend or turned in last night to Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. then you might have noticed that the Marvel Studios logo has gone through a bit of an upgrade. …

Kevin Feige Drops Hints About Marvel Studios’ Spin On A Secret Identity Story

Is that you, Matt Murdock?

Kevin Feige Confirms That Black Panther Is “Absolutely In Development”

And talks about the possibility of a Loki movie.