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Avengers 2 Will Have Big Roles For Hawkeye And The Hulk‏

Good news for Jeremy Renner in particular. He was reportedly quite miffed by his role in The Avengers.

A Modest Proposal: Marvel, Sony and Fox Need to Share IP

By Tony Panaccio It’s a Big Sandbox, People – If You Play Nice, You’ll ALL Make Billions There is one word – one ridiculous word – that Marvel cannot use in any of its self-produced films within its cinematic universe. …

Marvel Could Well Start Releasing Three, Maybe Four Movies Per Year‏

The way Kevin Feige tells it, demand could well lead Marvel to supply three, if not four, movies per year.

Watch: Last Night’s Guardians Of The Galaxy Live Panel Video With Cast And Crew

Click play now and, if it’s still not time for the Q&A, you’ll get the exact countdown timer for when it will begin.

Thor 3 Underway With Craig Kyle And Christopher Yost Writing The Screenplay

All old hands. Perhaps they’ll bring in an outsider to direct, somebody to keep them away from formula or stagnation, maybe?

Captain America 3 Coming Together, Anthony And Joe Russo Attached To Direct

A show of confidence for The Winter Soldier.

The New Marvel Studios Logo

If you went and saw Thor: The Dark World over the weekend or turned in last night to Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. then you might have noticed that the Marvel Studios logo has gone through a bit of an upgrade. …

Kevin Feige Drops Hints About Marvel Studios’ Spin On A Secret Identity Story

Is that you, Matt Murdock?

Kevin Feige Confirms That Black Panther Is “Absolutely In Development”

And talks about the possibility of a Loki movie.

Alan Taylor And Kevin Feige Express Rather Different Opinions About Thor: The Dark World’s End-Credits Tease

They don’t agree.

Desolation, Daredevil, Delisting Batman, Developing Marvel’s Next Big Thing – Monday Trending Topics

Are we already thinking about Marvel’s next stuff after that onslaught of NYCC announcements? That reminds me that I still ought to do those post-NYCC publisher analysis charts (which will show that Marvel crushed everyone during the show, but we’ll …

Kevin Feige On Marvel’s Plans To Return To China Again For Its Upcoming Movies

And more evidence of the upcoming Black Panther movie too, I think.

Marvel’s Kevin Feige – “We’re Trying To Figure Out What To Do With Daredevil Now”

Kevin Feige and I are obviously best buddies now, having had a good chat on Friday and plenty of follow up questions today.

Kevin Feige Staying At The Reins Of Marvel Studios Through Phase 3 At Least

I can certainly understand why people have questions about the future of Marvel movies. Can this amazing streak really go on forever?

Video: Marvel’s Official Release Of The Age Of Ultron Teaser Trailer – UPDATED

UPDATE: Now officially released via Marvel’s YouTube channel. Back in the summer I was lucky enough to see the Marvel Studios panel at Comic Con, revved up in fine style by Tom Hiddleston and capped off perfectly by Joss Whedon. …

12,000+ Fans Petition Marvel For A Loki Movie

Over at change.org a petition was started calling for Marvel Studios to produce a movie based on the character of Loki played by Tom Hiddleston. Over 12,000 people have signed it. The petition states that Loki, as portrayed by Hiddleston, has become …

Know Your Guardians – Groot

One of the lesser known but oldest characters in the Guardians Of The Galaxy has to be the uniform-wearing walking tree named Groot. He first appeared as an invading extraterrestrial coming to Earth to capture and study humans. This took …

New Scene From Thor: The Dark World Premiered At D23 But Little New Info Was Revealed

What’s up with Jane Foster?