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Benicio Del Toro Is Pablo Escobar – First Look At Paradise Lost

Andrea Di Stefano’s Paradise Lost has a nifty hook that brings in a bit of true life crime around the edges of teen romance.

More Images From Hunger Games: Catching Fire Work The Sci-Fi Designs

Liam Hemsworth seems to be in a spot of bother.

Josh Hutcherson Will Be In Journey 3, Set For Back-To-Back Shooting Schedule Of Mockingjay Films

A busy year lies ahead … provided the world doesn’t end.

More Images From Epic, The “Gigantic Action-Adventure Movie” Of William Joyce’s Book

Little things hitting each other. That is what I like.

Look: See A Key Red Dawn Moment Being Recreated For The Remake

Now, I’m not going to call this an “iconic moment” when “key moment” seems more apt – it’s not Marilyn Monroe standing on a subway grate or anything – but this beat in the original Red Dawn meant something to …

Five Little Wolverines – Poster For The New Red Dawn

This poster for the new Red Dawn introduces our new Wolverines. And some guns. And stars. And stripes.

First Trailer For Miniature War Film, Epic

It’s Epic, has miniature proportions. Originally titled The Leaf Men, and based on William Joyce‘s book, Epic is an upcoming animated adventure film from Blue Sky, the makers of the Ice Age films and Rio. This trailer plays like a …

Detention Poster Only Hints At This Remarkable Film’s Hi-Octane Lunacy

Almost anything goes in Joseph Kahn‘s Detention. There’s at least four different genres being mashed up – a horror film, a sci-fi film, a teen movie and a kind of detective story; several more visual styles, smashed into one another …

Hunger Games Behind The Scenes Clip Shows Katniss And Peeta In Action, On Show

There’s no new in-film footage in this clip from behind the scenes of The Hunger Games but you’ll see the filming of plenty of scenes that were, at least until this episode of ET aired, being kept under wraps. I’m …

Extended TV Spot for The Hunger Games

Box office forecasters now predict that The Hunger Games will break $100 million on its first weekend of release in the US. I’m absolutely certain that they’re right. Indeed, I think this is going to be the biggest grossing film …

Boys Of The Hunger Game Go Cover Model

This week’s print edition of Entertainment Weekly is to feature a new report on The Hunger Games, and some fresh shots from the production. Teasing the issue, they’ve now released its cover, featuring Liam Hemsworth as Gale and Josh Hitcherson …

Josh Hutcherson’s Spider-Man Fight Demo

Though Josh Hutcherson didn’t get the role of Peter Parker in the end – and I’m certainly not complaining about Andrew Garfield being cast in this film or any other – this glimpse into what may have been is genuinely …

Josh Hutcherson – Probably Not Spider-Man, Maybe Cyclops?

Contrary to Rich’s Jamie Bell reports, some web voices are claiming that Josh Hutcherson has won the role of Peter Parker in the upcoming 3D reboot of the┬áSpider-Man franchise.┬áThe story seems to have started at Blue Sky Disney, a site …