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The Castle Of Horror Podcast Presents: The Amityville Horror

By Jason Henderson, Drew Edwards, Tony Salvaggio, and Julia Guzman Bleeding Cool welcomes back The Castle of Horror Podcast tonight, a weekly internet radio show where professional writers in the comics, games and book industries take a look at horror …

Joaquin Phoenix As Doc S… In Paul Thomas Anderson’s Inherent Vice

Paul Thomas Anderson’s seventh film is the first adaptation of a Thomas Pynchon novel. Its the story set in the late 60′s about a private detective named Doc Sportello (Joaquin Phoenix) who gets mixed up in a caper involving his …

Josh Brolin Talks Playing The Mad Titan, Thanos

In an interview with IGN, Josh Brolin talked about what got him to take the role of the Mad Titan and even having done other comic based movies (Jonah Hex, Sin City: A Dame To Kill For, Men In Black …

Marvel Gives Us Our First Official Look At Josh Brolin As Thanos

I know some of you have seen Guardians of the Galaxy already, but for the rest of us, I have to admit, this is pretty cool indeed.  Seems like just yesterday that Marvel was displaying the Infinity Guantlet prop at …

Kevin Feige On Josh Brolin Playing Thanos In Guardians Of The Galaxy

In a chat with Collider, Marvel Studios‘ main man Kevin Feige talks about having Josh Brolin play Thanos in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie. We knew he was going to be in this movie.  We wanted somebody to be …

George Clooney And Josh Brolin Starring In The Coens’ Hail Caesar

Clooney has been attached to the film for years.

Casting Roundup: Come For The News, Stay For The Bonus Tom Hiddleston Dancing Video

Josh Brolin is in Jurassic World as we all already knew, Rinko Kikuchi, Lily Rabe and Olga Kurylenko get new roles in today’s roundup. • This wasn’t nothing after all. Josh Brolin is now officially entering early talks to join …

Josh Brolin And David Oyelowo Also Linked To Jurassic World In Swiftly Redacted Trade Report

I have no idea what’s going on here but it at least looks like something interesting.

New Oldboy Trailer Tries A Fresh Approach – Preparing For Your Stay At The Hotel

I’m sure a pretty large minority of people reading this will have seen Chan Wook Park’s Oldboy so they’ll be able to pick up on the significance of the various little snippets and sounds in this oddball promo.

Josh Brolin And Kate Winslet Feel The Tension In This First Clip From Jason Reitman’s Labor Day

Early reviews for Jason Reitman‘s Labor Day have tended to be rather positive indeed, often from critics who were less enamoured with the director’s earlier, funnier films. Not to spoil too much, the story is a kind of kidnapping drama, …

New Movie Batman To Be Older, Movie To Forego An Origin – Ryan Gosling And Josh Brolin Are Contenders

“He will be established and rugged. This new movie will not seek to recount an origin story or the rise of the Dark Knight…”

Hero Director Zhang Yimou In Talks To Direct Quasimodo, With Josh Brolin Potentially Starring

Zhang Yimou looks set to tackle The Hunchback of Notre Dame, with a film that has been long gestating at Warner Brothers.

First Poster And Intriguing Images From Spike Lee’s Oldboy Remake

The image is supposedly a shot from the film, which I have to say is looking very stylish for a remake with so much heat.

Sin City 2 First Look – Josh Brolin Is The New Old Dwight, Before And After Green Screen Pics

Such is the chronology of Dwight’s story this time around, we’re seeing him with his first face, before he has plastic surgery to change his appearance entirely.

Gangster Squad – The Bleeding Cool Review

Michael Moran took a trip back to 1940s Los Angeles for the starry gangster jamboree. And he’s back with the straight dope for youse.

Sin City 2 Gets Josh Brolin As The Pre-Plastic Surgery Clive Owen

They needed a pre-plastic surgery Dwight for Sin City 2, and now they’ve found him in the form of Josh Brolin. Is getting Clive Owen-ed a facial trade up or trade down? I’m not a very good judge of these …

Warner Bros Delay Gangster Squad Release, Plan To Reshoot Around Cinema Shoot-Out Scene

If you attended a midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises when it was released, it’s possible you caught a glimpse of the new trailer for Ruben Fleischer’s Gangster Squad, which included scenes of a shootout between the Mafia and …

Three Clips From Men In Black 3

Detective work, a gun fight, aliens, time travel plot mechanics, and a motorbike chase. These clips from Men In Black 3 have so much going on, I almost feel ripped off that there isn’t a musical number there as well. …