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Josh Boone Says Stephen King’s The Stand Will Be Four Movies

On the Babble-On podcast Josh Boone, the director of The Fault In Our Stars, told Kevin Smith that he was working on adapting Stephen King’s 1168 page epic The Stand. Others have tried to boil the tale of good vs …

Josh Boone Promises His Film Of The Stand Will be Three Hours Long And R-Rated

As The Fault In Our Stars gets ready to eat up the US box office, director Josh Boone is out doing the press rounds. Vulture asked him about his work on adapting Stephen King‘s The Stand into a movie, and …

Nat Wolff First Actor To Be Cast In Josh Boone’s The Stand Adaptation

Boone says he is writing a role especially for Wolff, though it’s unclear if this means he’s writing a brand new character or just tailoring one from the book.

Josh Boone The Newest Director Linked To The Stand Adaptation

Well, at the very least the material would be in the hands of a bona fide superfan.

Josh Boone To Direct The Fault In Our Stars – Like We Already Told You Last Week

Now confirmed: our earlier reporting that newbie director Josh Boone has been hired to direct The Fault In Our Stars.

Twitter Sleuths Piece Together The Fault In Our Stars, Uncover Its Director And Cast

Clever internet sleuths have apparently figured out the Big News on The Fault In Our Stars.