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Marvel Looking At Tom Hardy And Benedict Cumberbatch For Doctor Strange, Peyton Reed And David Wain For Ant-Man

Earlier today, I was tipped off that Marvel would like to speak to Benedict Cumberbatch about Doctor Strange. I’ve been firing off e-mails and calls trying to find out how real this is. Apparently it’s a little bit real, as …

Adam McKay Is The New Director Of Ant-Man – UPDATED: Not Any More

There’s been a lot said about Edgar Wright’s decision to leave Ant-Man and quite what creative differences had sprung up between the director and Marvel Studios.

Joss Whedon Salutes Edgar Wright With The Cornetto Of Solidarity As Ant-Man Situation Starts To Come Clear

We don’t know, yet, what led Edgar Wright and Marvel Studios to uncouple over Ant-Man but there have, of course, been stories and speculation.

Joe Cornish To Direct Jack O’Connell In Spy Thiller Section 6

Let’s hope this isn’t another false alarm.

Report: He-Man Movie Close To Happening, Shortlist Of Potential Directors Includes Joe Cornish, Rian Johnson And More

Masters of the Universe was not one of my beloved childhood cartoons, but this is a pretty awesome list.

Joe Cornish Not Directing Star Trek 3

While Cornish had been in talks with the studio, he is “no longer involved.”

Joe Cornish Latest Rumored Frontrunner For Star Trek 3 Director Job

As JJ Abrams deals with all sorts of drama over at his new gig, the franchise he left behind is still playing musical chairs trying to lock down a director for Star Trek 3. From John M. Chu to Rupert …

Marvel’s Ant-Man Favourites Said To Be Paul Rudd And Joseph Gordon Levitt

It’s seemed inevitable that Joseph Gordon-Levitt would get a superhero role at some point. Would fans think this is the right one, however?

Joe Cornish Has Dropped Out Of Rust, Rio’s Carlos Saldanha May Be Stepping In

For a good while, Joe Cornish was working on a big screen adaptation of Rust, the Archaia comic about two boys down on the farm, a jet pack and a robot. A fine combination of elements.

Ant Man Gets Release Date, Thor 2 And Iron Man 3 Get 3D

The little fella is coming. Finally.

Joe Cornish To Direct Film Of Royden Lepp’s Rust

Well, how’s about this then. This time last year, two of the most memorable moments of Comic-Con for me were meeting Royden Lepp and speaking to him about his comic, Rust; and being addressed personally in a Hall H panel …

Nathan Fillion Guest Stars In The Superheroes, A Web Video From Sam And Tim Daly

The starting point for this mini-sitcom episode is that Nathan Fillion and Tim Daly have both provided voices for animated DC superheroes. The ending point is… best discovered for yourself. You may not have recognised the music that plays right …

101 Films From 2011 That You Really Shouldn’t Have Missed

I think 2011 has turned out to be a vintage year with well on the way to 200 hundred new releases that I thought were easily worth the time and money that I spent on them. I’ve whittled that list …

America! Watch The Best Film Of The Year (So Far) For Just $0.99

Right now, Amazon in the US are offering online rentals of Attack the Block for just $0.99. Clearly, that’s an offer too good to pass up. I think it’s the best film I’ve seen this year – so far at …

Prisoners Of The Sun Not Tintin 2 But Probably Tintin 3

I didn’t much like The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn, and neither did my guests to the screening. We all found different plot holes, were all put off by different aesthetics and all had some issue or …

Where The Writers Credits Are As Big As The Actors And Directors… Tintin

This seems a rather rare occurence. Not on all the press certainly, but on this UK poster for Tintin in particular, the name of the writers is the same size as that as the director. And the cast. And the …

So How About Attack The Block: The TV Show – Or An American Remake?

I’ve really, truly loved Tyrannosaur, Arrietty, Crazy, Stupid Love and lots of other films this year, but so far, none has meant as much to me as Attack the Block. But I’ve said it before, and I’ll keep it on …

Lots Of New Tintin Images

Tintin will finally be with us next month. And by us I don’t mean United States, as the picture is opening much later in North America, way off on December 23rd. Some of the thinking there is that Tintin isn’t …