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Star Wars Episode VII Has Found Its Villain And It’s… Adam From Girls. Wow

That’s the same Adam Driver that was in the mix for Lex Luthor. I think Driver is a fantastic actor so I’m more than happy to see him in high profile roles.

This Really Seems To Be Star Wars: Episode VII Concept Art And It Seems To Feature The Millennium Falcon

It might just be pareidolia but I think I can also see some guy with a bald pink head.

I’d Never Seen This Concept Art For McG And JJ Abrams’ Superman, Codename “Flyby” Before

No, this isn’t news, but it is a curiosity. There’s also a hint of Swipe File in here too.

Star Wars Round-Up: Episode VII Script Done, 1313 Trademark Dusted

One day we’ll get live action Star Wars on TV, I’m sure of that, I’m just pretty sure it won’t be the version that dozens of people already spent years working on.

More Star Wars Episode VII Plot And Cast Details – Michael Fassbender, Hugo Weaving, Adam Driver In Contention

New characters being written in, old characters getting more screen time and a revamped casting wishlist.

Mark Hamill-Looking Breaking Bad Actor Jesse Plemons “A Serious Contender” For Star Wars Episode VII Lead

Jesse Plemons is, to date, best known for his role as Todd in Breaking Bad. Todd wasn’t the most delightful of characters.

Rumour Joins The Dots: Lawrence Kasdan Writing The Boba Fett Spin-Off Movie

Joining dots. Next to be joined? Joe Johnston’s involvement, I’d say…

Jack O’Connell In The Running For Star Wars: Episode VII Role

Jack O’Connell, who was excellent in Tower Block, Harry Brown, Skins and many more, is a real contender for a key role in Star Wars: Episode VII.

JJ Abrams Regrets His Silly Mystery Box Games Over The Villain Of Star Trek Into Darkness

Well, I don’t think anyone’s surprised he regrets the way this all went down, but I have to say I kind of agree with him on this one.

Edgar Wright And JJ Abrams’ Collider Appears To Be A Serious And Scary Horror Film

“Edgar’s movies have a certain tone, and this one might be a little unexpected because the main thing we’re going for is scary,” says the film’s writer.

College Newspaper Reports One Of Their Students Has Landed A Star Wars: Episode VII Role

I can’t imagine a local college newspaper has any reason to lie, but the details on this are sketchy to say the least.

Read The Script Pages Being Used In The Star Wars Open Auditions

I guess there’s a remote chance that the following indicates some of the action in Episode VII, more likely that it’s just a barometer of the two lead characters.

JJ Abrams And CBS Make Not Entirely Contradictory Statements On Your Chances Of Seeing A Star Trek TV Series

Yet more chat about the possibility, however slight, of Star Trek coming back to the small screen.

Jason Flemyng Posts Image Of Star Wars Episode VII Audition Script

A picture is worth a thousand blurry, illegible words.

Picture: JJ Abrams And R2-D2 In The Star Wars Episode VII “Workshop”

From the Bad Robot Twitter feed comes and image of JJ Abrams, R2-D2 and does it really matter who else? Even Kathleen Kennedy, stage right, isn’t as exciting as a shiny R2 unit. The tweet says that this comes from …

Star Wars: Episode VII Now Accepting Auditions Online

You can now submit an online tape in order to be considered for a major role in perhaps the biggest film franchise ever. God bless technology.

JJ Abrams And Neil Gaiman Discuss Storytelling, Books And British Actors Being Essential To Star Wars

An in-depth discussion about literature and art…. and a bit of Star Wars, of course.

More Star Wars Episode VII Plot And Character Details, Open Casting Call For Young Leads Upcoming

JJ Abrams and Lawrence Kasdam hemming close to Michael Arndt’s screenplay.