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Chatting With Admiral Ackbar – Tim Rose Talks Puppeteering on Return Of The Jedi

By José Luis del Río Fortich I had the opportunity to chat with Tim Rose, at the CIFIMAD in Madrid, about his career and his job in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. Maybe, you don’t remember his name or …

Doozers Series Headed To Hulu – Here’s The Trailer

A new spin-off from Fraggle Rock. There aren’t any of those lovely Doozer puppets, I’m afraid, as it’s all CG.

Frank Oz Pays Tribute To Jim Henson, Isn’t Convinced That Other Folk Can Perform Their Characters

Frank Oz on the “affectionate anarchy” of The Muppets.

Book Trailer For Brian Jay Jones’ Biography Of Jim Henson

Here’s another Bleeding Cool Film hidden story, not appearing on the front page but coming via the @BCoolFilm Twitter feed. It’s a book trailer for a new biography of Jim Henson by Brian Jay Jones. Apparently, Neil Patrick Harris has already …

Video: Red Fraggle And Mokey Fraggle Reunited At Dragoncon

Marking the thirtieth anniversary of Fraggle Rock.

Trailer For That Puppet Game Show From The Jim Henson Company

Could the BBC and The Jim Henson Company’s That Puppet Game Show be, or at least become, this generation’s Muppet Show? It would certainly be nice.

Video: Miss Piggy, Oscar The Grouch And Gobo Fraggle Announce The Jim Henson Gallery

The Jim Henson Gallery is to house a new, permanent exhibition at New York’s Museum of Modern Art. I’ll see you there.

All Of Amazon’s Original Pilots Are Online – Including The Onion, Alpha House With Bill Murray And More

So far, Zombieland has garnered the most column inches but as I look at the roster of available shows, its a couple of the others that seem to twinkle the most.

BC Mag #2: Henson Now And Then

Bleeding Cool Magazine article by Brendon Connelly For Jim Henson fans, 2013 will be their Rainbow Connection, as all three of Henson’s most treasured worlds will be returning. The Muppets will be up-ending Europe for their new feature film, the …

JIm Henson’s Doozers – Fraggle Rock Spinoff For 2014 Seen In The Wild

By “in the wild” we mean in the land of the silly creatures.

Today Is Both Jim Henson And Steve Whitmire’s Birthdays

Some videos to celebrate.

Video: Fraggles Infest The New Ben Folds Five Promo

Also featuring Rob Corddry and.. a surprise guest singer, right at the end.

Looks Like The Muppets Are Headed To The Stage

Tonight, The Muppets are performing two shows at Montreal’s Just For Laughs festival, and man-oh-man, I wish I could be there (and, interestingly, it’s a show apparently not appropriate for kids under the age of 12). But I don’t think …

A Sesame Street Feature Film Is Coming. Here’s How To Do It Right

Another of Jim Henson‘s great contributions to TV is Sesame Street, his partnership with (what was then) The Children’s Television Workshop. A quite brilliant and ingenious show, it mixes a live-action neighbourhood, peopled with both humans and Muppets, with a …

Rango Talents Tapped To Write Fraggle Rock Movie

Next year will be the 30th anniversary of Fraggle Rock, perhaps the most ambitious of Jim Henson’s projects. I’d always loved the show when I was young, but watching it again as an adult, and being able to watch lots …

It Was 22 Years Ago Today That Jim Henson Passed Away

I will let The Muppets pay tribute to Jim Henson. This video couldn’t really be better.

Now Really Is The Time To Buy Farscape: The Complete Series

If you don’t know Farscape, you probably don’t know why so many got excited about Ben Browder being cast in the new run of Doctor Who. He’s the star of the show, a NASA test pilot who ends up passing …

Lobo Movie Back On The Blocks – Brad Peyton Tapped To Direct

Joel Silver‘s last choice for a director to bring DC Comics’ Lemmy-tinged bounty hunter Lobo to the big screen was Guy Ritchie, but Sherlock Holmes, pub running and hair washing seemed to get in the way, and before long, he …