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When You’re Bad At Murder, You Try Kidnapping? – Horrible Bosses 2 Trailer

New Line Cinema and Warner Bros have produced a sequel to the 2011 comedy starring Jason Bateman, Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis. Changing from murder, which they were really bad at, the trio decide to try kidnapping… which goes wrong …

First Trailer For This Is Where I Leave You Starring Jason Bateman And Tina Fey

This Is Where I Leave You originally had a different director (Adam Shankman) and a whole different cast around Jason Bateman when it was about to start production the first time around, and then for some reason, it all fell …

Jason Bateman Is The Worst Babysitter Ever In Red Band Trailer For Bad Words

It’s a movie called Bad Words, so naturally the trailer is filled with them.

Jason Bateman To Direct Nicole Kidman In The Family Fang

Bateman has cast himself and Nicole Kidman as a couple of performance artists who sometimes use their kids in their bizarre acts.

Disney Officially Announce Zootopia For 2016

Quite a strange concept for this one. Unless you ever read any Richard Scarry.

Netflix Making Deals For Second Series Of Arrested Development

Where will this leave the movie? We’ve had it pitched to us that this recent Netflix series was “act one” and a film would wrap up acts two and three.

Everything I Know About Disney’s New Secret Animated Film With Jason Bateman

Promising “a ton of action”, animals, comedy, heart – all that Disney stuff. And now, Jason Bateman too.

Arrested Development Set To Run For Only One Season On Netflix, Plans For Movie Still Live

Four seasons and a movie or bust.

Two More Images From New Arrested Development

More Bluth futures, including a Workaholics cameo.

First Official Image From New Arrested Development Seems To Come From Another Show Entirely

The kids would call this a “meta” moment.

First Photo Of New Arrested Development Filming Proves That It’s Not All Just A Dream

Production is underway on the Netflix-destined new series of Arrested Development, and as if to prove that we aren’t all just suffering from an overdose of bedtime cheese eating, Jason Bateman tweeted this picture from the set. I don’t know …

It’s Alive! Arrested Development Will Return For One More Season

Buried at the bottom of some Monday night rushes not so long ago was the announcement that the cast of Arrested Development would be in attendance at the New Yorker Festival on October 2nd, ostensibly to talk a bit about …

Review: The Change-Up. It’s Face|Off with poop gags.

It’s a Freaky Friday for the Hangover generation. Does it work? Well That depends on how much you want to see Hancock’s PR guy swap lives with a slacker Green Lantern. Expect nudity, bad language, all the good stuff…

First Trailer For Horrible Bosses

Judging from his previous films (the wonderful King of Kong and the nigh on witless Four Christmases) Seth Gordon has some real ways and whiles with documentaries that don’t quite extend to his work on studio spawned romcoms. Let’s see what …

Ryan Reynolds’ Calendar: Deadpool Before Green Lantern 2, But Where Comes RIPD?

An update on R.I.P.D, the would-be Ryan Reynolds vehicle based upon Peter Lenkov’s comic books, yields interesting details on several of the actor’s strip-to-screen projects. First of all, it seems that R.I.P.D is now without a director. David Dobkin is …