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Brie Larson Is Interested In Playing Hillary Clinton In James Ponsoldt’s Rodham

She just needs to actually read the script first.

Carey Mulligan Says No – We Need A New Hillary Clinton

The film’s producers are hoping for a 2016 release date to coincide with the presidential election so it could be several years of production and promotion for whichever actress signs up.

Carey Mulligan Likely To Play The Young Hilary Clinton In Rodham

The story of Hilary Rodham as a young lawyer working on the impeachment of Richard Nixon, all the while romancing some chap called Bill Clinton.

Now, The Bill And Hilary Clinton Origin Story

As well as being a kind of romance, detailing the courtship of Hilary Rodham and Bill Clinton, it’s also going to be a political drama set against the aftermath of Watergate.

Smashed Director Going To Get Pure – James Ponsoldt’s Apocalyptic Follow Up To The Spectacular Now

What’s next when you’ve made a name for yourself on the indie scene? Movies for throngs of screaming teens, of course.

First Trailer For Smashed – Mary Elizabeth Winstead And Aaron Paul Have Gone Too Far

Reputations will be made by this movie, I’m told.