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James Mangold To Direct Joe Namath Biopic

Namath was a colorful and charismatic figure on the New York sports scene in the 1960s and 70s.

David James Kelly To Write The Wolverine Sequel

They’ve probably done quite a bit of work on it and know where it’s going to go already. And now another piece of the puzzle is in place.

Sequels To Fantastic Four, The Wolverine, A Mystery Fox-Marvel Movie And Secret Ridley Scott Film All Get Release Dates

Maybe this explains a thing or two. And I think you know which thing or two I mean.

James Mangold Confirms He’ll Direct The Wolverine Sequel After X-Men: Apocalypse

You just never know when a filmmaker might be in a sharing mood.

James Mangold To Direct Travis McGee Origin Tale The Deep Blue Good-By

MacDonald’s book series spans 21 volumes, so there’s plenty of franchise potential here.

Another Wolverine Movie In The Works – Hugh Jackman And James Mangold Returning

With The Wolverine headed to home entertainment in the coming weeks, the more cynical of you might assume this is a timed leak, but according to Deadline, Fox have started negotiating with Hugh Jackman and director James Mangold for another …

The Wolverine To Get An Extended Cut And A Commentary… As Part Of The 3D Blu-ray Release Only

If you want the longer cut and the commentary then you’re going to have to pay the extra for the 3D set.

See The Classic-Look, Yellow Wolverine Costume Unused In The Final Cut Of His New Film – TOO LATE

As designed by Adam Ross of Legacy Effects. Good work, Ross.

The Wolverine — Tao Okamoto Interview

Five minutes with the fashion model and clarinet player who has become one of the great loves of Logan’s long life; Mariko Yashida in The Wolverine.

The Wolverine — The Bleeding Cool Review

Shirt off, claws out: Hugh Jackman takes another stab at Canada’s angriest superhero. Michael Moran, Bleeding Cool’s most ill-tempered reviewer, takes notes…

Another Wolverine Clip – This Time A Flashback To A Key Moment Of His Past

And, yes, those were boneclaws.

New Action Clip From The Wolverine Features A Funeral Gone Wrong. Very Wrong

Not only the funeral of a key character but also a boiling pot of inter-faction organised crime tensions.

Extended Clip From The Wolverine Shows Off Bullet Train Action

Many scenes in The Wolverine are noirish. Sometimes, it’s a doomed romance picture. There are also a lot of elements of the samurai movie in play. And then…

On Set Report: James Mangold Tells Us His Concept Of The Wolverine

Getting inside Logan with James Mangold, director of The Wolverine.

Six New Images From The Wolverine Focus On The Supporting Cast

A helpful reminder of who will be fighting alongside and against Hugh Jackman in The Wolverine.

Plenty Of New Wolverine Story Details And Footage

Hugh Jackman, James Mangold and company want to tell you why The Wolverine is a Ronin story. They’ll even tell you what a Ronin story is.

Wolverine Stars In A French Hip-Hop Video

Footage from James Mangold’s The Wolverine has been cut into a promo for the new IAM single, Marvel.

Jean Grey Stars In New Suiboku-Ga Poster For The Wolverine

Here is the next in a long line Suiboku-Ga inspired posters from The Wolverine. We have seen Silver Samurai, Wolverine, Viper and Yukio. This time featuring Jean Grey.