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Sony Releases Red Band Trailer For The Interview

Sony has released the Red Band trailer for the Seth Rogen and James Franco film The Interview. The plot of the movie is Franco is a television celebrity and interviewer while Rogen is his producer. In an attempt to do …

A Spoiler-Free First Review Of Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes – Simian The Cinema

By Patrick Dane When Rise of the Planet of the Apes came out in the summer of 2011, it was a real surprise. On paper, a prequel to Planet of the Apes is an awful idea. Not only does it …

Poster And Teaser Trailer For James Franco And Seth Rogen’s The Interview

basically what you might expect from the guys who did Pineapple Express and This is the End and that mock Kanye West video.

James Franco May Play A KKK Leader In His Next Role

Remember when this guy was Harry Osborn?

Casting Roundup: Christoph Waltz Wants To Be A Horrible Boss After All, Plus Warcraft, Will Smith And More

He was out but now Christoph Waltz is back in for Horrible Bosses 2, Will Smith is selling time for a do-over, James Franco returns to Palo Alto and more in today’s roundup. • Christoph Waltz will be a horrible …

Rogen and Franco’s The Interview Casts Randall Park To Play Someone Famous; Jamie Chung Sought For Female Lead

According to Creative BC’s list of productions set for British Columbia, Seth Rogen-James Franco comedy The Interview begins filming in Vancouver on October 10th. It also tells us Randall Park will be in the film, but not who he’ll be …

Watch: Seventy Short Films By Seventy Of The World’s Finest Directors

Paul Schrader, Peter Chan, Bernado Bertolucci, James Franco and sixty-four more directors contributed shorts to the Venice Film Festival and you can watch them all online now.

Homefront Trailer: It’s Jason Statham Vs. James Franco, Screenplay By Sylvester Stallone

Also, the poster for the film which seems to be pitching it as some kind of political allegory.

Weekend Viewing: First Trailer For Gia Coppola’s Palo Alto, Starring James Franco

Based on a book by James Franco, this new film from Gia Coppola also stars James Franco. There’s a lot of Franco about these days. I think it’s quite catching.

Teaser Trailer For James Franco’s Cormac McCarthy Adaptation, Child Of God

Yet another James Franco directed feature. Say what you want about Franco but you can’t deny that he’s a hard worker.

More TIFF Images: Love Is The Perfect Crime, Words And Pictures, A Promise And James Franco’s Child Of God

A fresh new batch of images featuring Clive Owen, Rebecca Hall, Juliette Binoche, Maiwenn and many more.

Wim Wenders Is Shooting A 3D Film Right Now With James Franco And Charlotte Gainsbourg

Every Thing Will Be Fine sees Wim Wenders collaborating with Benoît Debie on a 3D feature which stars James Franco and Charlotte Gainsbourg.

Riff Raff Says He’s Suing Over Spring Breakers

Real life rapper Riff Raff is reportedly suing for eight to ten million dollars.

Veronica Mars Adds James Franco, But The Details Of His Role Are Spoilery

You will never guess who he is playing.

Seth Rogen Updates Me On The Interview, His Assassination Plot Comedy With James Franco

Last we heard, Franco hadn’t been made an official offer to play the TV host. Has he signed on? Is the film going ahead? When?

This Is The End — The Bleeding Cool Review

What can you say about a madcap comedy about the End Of Days that stars just about everyone? If you’re Michael Moran, quite a bit. Apparently.

Red Band Trailer: Pineapple Express 2

Just when you think this is going to be an April Fools joke made entirely out of old footage from the first film, the new shots start…

Four Minute Clip From Oz The Great And Powerful, Promise Of No Dorothy For Sequel

Why there won’t be a Dorothy in the next Disney Oz movie.