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Film Schooling – Insider Insights On Indy Filmmaking: Post Production And Editing

By Chris Hood (This is Part Twenty One of an ongoing series to help educate aspiring filmmaker on the process of making their first film. Previous articles in this series can be found at BleedingCool.com and MovieIndustry.com) Parts: 1, 2, …

James Cameron On Terminator 2 3D, The Avatar Sequels, Theme Park Attraction, Spider-Man And More

Yesterday, James Cameron appeared at the LA Times Hero Complex festival. Today, various blogs have parcelled out his comments into as many stories as they can manage. But here’s a dump of the interesting things, all in one place. Cameron …

Sigourney Weaver Coming Back For Full Avatar Trilogy, Will Take On New Forms

We’ve known for a while that Sigourney Weaver will come back for the Avatar sequels, even while we didn’t know just how many of them there would be.

James Cameron Says Avatar Sequels Will Still Pit Humans Against Na’vi, Be Shot In 4K

James Cameron has done a new interview during which he’s revealed some new details about the Avatar sequels which will begin filming later this year.

Sam Worthington And Zoe Saldana Will Return For All Three Avatar Sequels

Cameron also previously said that the sequels will be a family saga in the vein of The Godfather, with a fair amount taking place underwater.

Trailer: Finally, Somebody Is Making An Alien Tie-In Game That Isn’t A Shoot ‘Em Up

They’ve chosen a very surprising lead character.

James Cameron Says The Avatar Series Will Be A Family Saga Like The Godfather

As James Cameron draws ever closer to actually capturing performances for his three Avatar sequels, work continues on their pre-production, design and technological development.

It’s Official: Stephen Lang Is Back For All Three Avatar Sequels, Somehow…

Production on the films is expected to kick off in around a year. Post production will be pretty time consuming. When will we actually get to see them?

James Cameron Hosts This Video Look At The Avatar Theme Park Project

Including a pretty clear presentation of how the Banshee ride is going to work.

Avatarland Concept Art Shows Disney’s Plans For Pandora On Earth

They’ve got big, big plans for Avatarland, though some of them seem to be towards the impossible end of the spectrum.

Update: 20th Century Fox Resoundingly Deny The Schwarzenegger-Avatar Rumours

This doesn’t quite mesh perfectly with the only tiny shred of information I have about the direction of the Avatar sequels.

Steven Charles Gould to write Avatar Novels Set Around The Sequels

James Cameron’s Pandora expedition gains a new member.

Avatar 2, 3 And 4 All Set For Simultaneous Production, New Writers And Release Dates Announced

Production will start next year on what is bound to be a massively ambitious three-film project.

Avatar 2 Getting A Touch Up By Sarah Connor Chronicles And Locke And Key’s Josh Friedman

Though her credit on the film doesn’t make it entirely clear, Avatar featured some screenplay work by Laeta Kalogridis alongside that of writer-director James Cameron.

Prog Rock’s Record Sleeve Visionary Roger Dean Suing James Cameron Over Avatar

Now with a pot-smoking update.

Next Terminator Film A Reboot, Planned As First In New Trilogy

It’s going to be called Terminator, with no The, and the new trilogy will “stand alone.”

Full Trailer For Space Pirate Captain Harlock – Complete With Theme Song Preview

I’ve was meaning to post Space Pirate Captain Harlock trailer but it kept slipping my mind. Maybe if the theme song was catchier…

Zoe Saldana Expects To Shoot Avatar 2 And 3 Back To Back Early Next Year

There has been a lot of speculation surrounding the Avatar sequels, and for a long time too as it’s been over three years since the original landed in cinemas. Still time for plenty more…