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Bond 24 To Start Filming In December And Looking For The Next Bond Girl

The twenty-fourth chapter in the James Bond franchise is set to go before the cameras this December according to Screenrant. Sam Mendes will be back once again to helm the movie along with screenwriters John Logan, Neal Purvis and Robert …

James Bond’s “Jaws” Actor Richard Kiel Dies At 74

7’2″ actor Richard Kiel made his mark early in acting with appearances on TV series like Twilight Zone, The Man From Uncle and The Wild Wild West and films like The Phantom Planet and The Nutty Professor. But Kiel became …

Are They Looking For A Classic Henchmen For The Next James Bond?

What we haven’t had in the James Bond franchise for a while has been the classic henchmen type that helped make the series so famous. There has been no Oddjob or Jaws in a long time. I know I grew …

Pierce Brosnan’s The November Man Already Set For A Sequel

I’m a Pierce Brosnan fan since he played Remington Steele and I thought he did a great job as James Bond… so I’ve been looking forward to his latest movie The November Man. Seems I’m not the only one. Last …

James Bond 24 Getting A Rewrite By Series Vets Wade And Purvis, Production Reportedly Pushed Back

I’ve said it before and I’ll doubtlessly have many chances to say it again but while Baz Bamigboye writes for one of the most passionately disliked of newspapers it doesn’t he mean he doesn’t do a good job. When it …

Stephen Amell Back In Training For Arrow Season 3

A lot of the movies Oliver Queen uses in the series Arrow are based on parkour or freerunning. Stephen Amell trains at Tempest Freerunning to get ready for the rigors of the stunts. I think the parkour is what makes …

The James Bonding Podcast Panel At Wondercon Was Hardly a Bonding Experience

By Michele Brittany Perusing the Wondercon Anaheim program, I was very curious by one particular panel offered up to attendees last Friday, April 18th. I’ll be honest, I had not heard of the James Bonding podcast led by Matt Mira …

Film Schooling: Insider Insights On Indy Filmmaking – Pre-Production And Locations

By Chris Hood (This is Part Seven of an ongoing series to help educate aspiring filmmaker on the process of making their first film. Previous articles in this series can be found at BleedingCool.com and MovieIndustry.com) In virtually every case, …

Ida Engvoll And Disa Östrand Have Screen Tested For The Next James Bond Movie

I dare say some non-Swedes also tested, or at least auditioned, but don’t be surprised to see one of the above take the role.

Excellent New James Bond-Style Muppets Most Wanted Posters – The Pig Is Not Enough

“We went to the Tower of London and asked and usually they’d say no, but this time we said, ‘It’s for The Muppets’, so they said, “We love Kermit even more than James Bond” and so the drawbridge was lowered.”

John Travolta Has Had Meetings About Playing A Bond Villain In The Future

Seems like he’s really into the idea of playing a Bond villain, and it looks like he just may get the chance – though likely not in Bond 24.

Jack Ryan: Shadow Dullard – Look! It Moves! By Adi Tantimedh

Adi Tantimedh writes: Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit is farcically out of touch. I only read what the plot was last week: the baddie, a Russian oligarch played by Kenneth Branagh, wants to blow up Wall Street. That was when I …

Right Now, You Can Get Every Single James Bond Film On Blu-Ray For Under $100

There was always a slot in the Bond 50 collection’s packaging for Skyfall, so this was pretty much inevitable.

Action Biopic Of James Bond Creator Ian Fleming Loses Duncan Jones

It’s one of the consequences of becoming a hot, in demand director.

A Decades-Old Legal Dispute Has Been Settled, Clearing The Way For The Return Of Blofeld To James Bond

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Ernst Stavro Blofeld in a James Bond film. The character was created by Ian Fleming for the novel Thunderball but that was based upon scripts started for an aborted film project. As such, some of …

Elon Musk Has Purchased James Bond’s Submarine Car And Is Converting It To Really Work

Elon Musk is going to make himself a James Bond submarine car but BETTER.

Report: Miss Moneypenny To Be A Field Agent, Not Stuck Behind A Desk In Next James Bond Movie

Naomie Harris is about to launch into doing press for Mandela: The Long Walk To Freedom so I dare say she’s going to face a lot of repetitive questioning about this.

Late Night Fun – Mike Mahle Re-Imagines Bond Movie Posters

Mike Mahle took on a project to redo all of the movie posters for the James Bond franchise.  He has done all 23 films so far plus two extra focusing more on the original novels. His intent is to continue …