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Swipe File: Starlight And The Incredibles. Again.

We’ve already run one swipe file between Starlight by Mark Millar and Gorlan Parlov, and the Pixar movie The Incredibles. Well, now it’s time to run another!   And, as ever, a post by Mark Millar, “Rank Pixar Films Top To …

Brad Bird Has Told Samuel L. Jackson That Frozone Is Part Of The Incredibles 2

And “I’m just looking forward to seeing what Jack-Jack turned into,” says Jackson.

Disney And Pixar Announce The Incredibles 2 And Cars 3‏ – UPDATED

This is going to make a lot of people very happy.

The Incredibles Getting 3D Release And Maybe Ratatouille Too, Finally

No exact timeframe, but they must be on their way soon, especially given how successful Disney re-releases have proven to be in the past few years.

Swipe File: Starlight And The Incredibles

A preview of Mark Millar and Goran Parlov’s Starlight A scene from Pixar’s Incredibles. A post by Mark Millar, “Rank Pixar Films Top To Bottom” In Swipe File we present two or more images that resemble each other to some …

Brad Bird Shares An Unused Painted Poster For The Incredibles

From a veteran movie poster painter.

More On The Incredibles Blu-Ray Including Artwork

I already brought you the first details of what will be on the Blu-ray of The Incredibles this spring. Now it’s time for more info, some cover art, some release dates, all of that bric a brac. As well as …

Want To Know What Will Be On The Incredibles Blu-Ray?

I don’t know about you, but I could do with The Incredibles on Blu-ray just about now. No chance of Santa delivering on this front, however, as the disc isn’t due until the spring. Boo. But, on the other hand, …

Edna Mode Presents A New Trailer For The Incredibles On Blu-ray

The trailers for Disney and Pixar animated movies regularly make their online debuts this way, ripped from a DVD or Blu-ray and posted to YouTube. You might think the Mouse’s PR and marketing departments might provide a controllable, sanctioned online …

Review: The Incredibles: Family Matters #3 By Mark Waid And Marcio Takara For Boom! Studios

I was recently talking about how the superpower theme in comics is mostly used to represent adolescent rage, that half world between being a child and an adult, when we think they can do so much, yet aren’t allowed to. …