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Marvel To Shoot Their Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones And Iron Fist Shows In New York City – UPDATED

It’s said that we’ll see around 60 one-hour episodes taking advantage of this deal.

Chronicle Writer Max Landis Intends To Pitch Wonder Woman To Warner Brothers And Also Wants To Make Heroes For Hire

Max Landis spills the beans on all the dream comic book films he’d love to make.

When Captain America Saved A Cat From A Burning House – But Couldn’t Save His Dog

So Batman and Captain America rescued a cat from a burning home, before firefighters arrived. It happens. Catch this report; That’s Bleeding Cool reader Troy Marcum in the Captain America suit of Heroes For Hire, or H4H. They dress up …

99 Cents For Rucka Punisher And DnA Heroes For Hire On ComiXology

It’s just hit Britain, America is less than five hours away, for Marvel’s latest ComiXology Sale, the Greg Rucka-launched Punisher #1-9 and the Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning more-female-focused and widespread Heroes For Hire #1-12 coming through at 99 cents …

Are We Getting A Heroes For Hire Movie From Marvel?

Looks like we are.

Will Brian Bendis And Mike Deodato Give Us A New Heroes For Hire (Spoilers)

Yesterday, as the final issue of Brian Bendis’ New Avengers, and his final Avangers issue full stop, was published, Bendis tweeted; hey Avengers fans! that was fun! 232 issues of crazy! is my last page hinting at a new book …

Wednesday Comics Reviews – Heroes For Hire #1 and The Unwritten #21

Of late Abnett and Lanning have specialised at Marvel in the cosmic books, carving out an entire sub imprint and generating an audience for their dark space opera seemingly from nowhere. Heroes For Hire is the very opposite of that, …