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Are We Ready For Plenty Of Sci-Fi And Pirates in 2014?

By Kevin Fischer, You know the drill: a new year means new beginnings…especially when it comes to television and movies. With 2013, we said goodbye to a killer killing killers, a chemistry teacher cooking meth, and alternate realities. This year …

Watch: The First 15 Minutes Of Ron Moore’s New SyFy Series, Helix

SyFy are feeling confident that if you give this one fifteen minutes, it will have you hooked.

A Bunch Of Promos For Ronald D. Moore’s New Sci-Fi Show, Helix

Comparisons to The Thing have come and not quite gone. You’ll see some familiar zombie movie tropes in this footage too.

First Trailer For Ronald D. Moore’s New TV Series, Helix – Body Horror In The Arctic

Yes, the comparisons to The Thing are obvious, and indeed, Ronald D. Moore did work on the sequel to John Carpenter‘s endlessly seminal horror movie before creating this show. But Helix is going to have to create a personally all …

The Signs Of San Diego – Winter Soldier, Helix, And Syfy’s Cafe Defiance

Chris Thompson writes; San Diego is a hive of activity as it prepares itself once again for the oncoming storm that is Comic-Con International. Now in its 44th year, CCI or SDCC (depending on your preferred acronym) is a juggernaut …

The Ron Moore Comeback Continues With Outlander

Ron Moore has put together a crack team to tackle Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander.

Battlestar’s Ronald D. Moore Setting Up New Series, Helix, At Syfy

Sounds like it shares strong similarities to an old project he once worked on.