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Paul Feig’s Unused Pitch For Wonder Woman, Plans For New Channing Tatum Comedy

We definitely need more guys like Paul Feig around and we need his kinds of movies to do well so we see more movies like the ones he’s pitching.

Bleeding Cool Movie Podcast – The Heat, Thematic Trilogies, Pirates Of The Caribbean 5, The Conjuring

A short podcast this week but I sneak in an actual bit of movie news.

Female James Bond Susan Cooper In The Works With Freaks And Geeks’ Paul Feig

The Bridesmaids director will follow up The Heat with a spy comedy, taking a more realistic approach than Johnny English or Austin Powers.

Two Red Band Trailers – John Dies At The End And The Heat

Buddy cop comedy and reality bending narcotic experiences. Not at once.

Master Filmmakers Brian De Palma And William Goldman Coming Together For… A Jason Statham Movie?

The Burt Reynolds movie Heat was adapted by William Goldman from his own novel and, yeah, I’ve always been quite fond of it. Compared to The Princess Bride, Butch and Sundance, Marathon Man or All The President’s Men, it’s clearly …