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Elevator Pitch: What Hero Do You Want To See On The Silver Screen? Wonder Woman!

By Gary Turner Last time’s Power Man & Iron Fist pitch was pretty challenging to get two so very different characters together. But I think it would make for a very fun popcorn-munching ride. This time around we’re looking at …

Best Promo Yet For Extant, The Summer’s Super-Hyped Sci-Fi Drama With Halle Berry

Here’s hoping it still maintains some of this appeal when we’re all looking back on it.

First Footage From Hotly Tipped Sci-Fi Show Extant With Halle Berry‏

The show is so hotly tipped that it seems like a curious Summer booking.

Has Halle Berry’s Storm Been Almost Entirely Cut From X-Men: Days Of Future Past? – UPDATED

If it’s all for the good of the film, a few bruised egos would be a tiny price to pay.

First Teaser For Super-Hot Halle Berry Sci-Fi Show, Extant

Mickey Fisher’s script for Extant’s pilot become a real hot commodity, sparking a genuine bidding war amongst the US TV networks. In the end, CBS stumped up for a 13 episode order and work got underway at Amblin TV.

Casting Roundup: Halle Berry Is The Latest Movie Star Heading For TV – UPDATED

Another movie star heads for TV, Tomorrowland rounds out its cast at long last and Willem Defoe is headed back to the tank in today’s roundup.

Brad Anderson Explains How He Put The Suspense Into His New Thriller, The Call

You literally couldn’t tell this story as recently as twenty five years ago, yet the film is still rooted in very, very old genre tropes, albeit freshly twisted.

Storm’s New Look For X-Men: Days Of Future Past

Does Halle Berry look pregnant in this image to you? I think she may have been overstating things a little when she claimed that Singer would have to shoot around her baby bump.

Storm On The Bench? Halle Berry Seems To Have Forgotten About Special Effects And Stunt People

Halle Berry has surmised that her pregnancy will impact on X-Men: Days of Future Past. It won’t. At all.

Bryan Singer Shows Off X-Men: Days Of Future Past’s Cast – Including Some Surprises – TWO UPDATES

Bryan Singer has amped up his Twitter teasing.

Halle Berry Says She’s Almost Certainly Back For More Storm In X-Men: Days Of Future Past

90% chance of Stormy weather on Days of Future Past.

Second Trailer For 911 Thriller The Call With Halle Berry

This thing apparently played through the roof at test screenings

Bryan Singer Says He Hasn’t Finalised The Mutant Line-Up For Days Of Future Past

Is Storm coming back? Nightcrawler? Anybody else?

First Trailer For Halle Berry’s 911 Call Centre Gimmick Thriller, The Call

Halle Berry is in a bit of a sticky situation.

First Look at Leslie Bibb, Justin Long, and Jason Sudeikis as Batman, Robin and Wonder Woman And Other Movie 43 Images

Emma Stone, Kate Winslet, Anna Faris…

A Very Big List Of Casting Updates

Much of what follows was written by Simon Gallagher, though I’ve added some more updates at the bottom. What we have here are a few days worth of casting updates. First off, comes the ridiculously exciting news that Hugo Weaving …