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HBO’s 2014 Preview – Game Of Thrones, Girls, Mike Judge’s Silicon Valley, Bill Murray In Olive Kittredge And More

Getting Bill Murray and Frances McDormand for Olive Kittredge has made that series pretty much a must-see.

Surprise: Girls’ Adam Driver Likely To Play Nightwing In The Batman-Superman Movie

There’s an ever increasing list of “name” characters being associated with this picture.

New Girls Season 3 Promo Prepares You For The Season Ahead

If you Tweet whilst watching Girls, Lena Dunham might just see it.

Felicity Jones Is In The Next Season Of Girls, Plus Watch Adam Vs. An iPhone

The star of the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will be in the next season of HBO’s Girls.

Allison Williams Set For Shakespeare Redux, In The Running For Fantastic Four

One of the girls from Girls is lining up a turn as one of the girls from Romeo and Juliet. She was also being listed as a possibility for the one girl in The Fantastic Four.

HBO’s Winter Preview Trailer – Game Of Thrones, Girls, Phil Spector And More

I’d subscribe, if I were “over there.”

Video: Game Of Thrones, Girls, More – HBO See Out 2012, See In 2013 With Previews

The TV station that I don’t get but which makes the shows that become the Blu-rays I do.

Girls Set For Third Season Before Second One Even Airs, Anchorman 2 Rolls In March

My favourite new show of the last year or so is undoubtedly Girls, the kinda-sorta-sitcom by Lena Dunham and executive producer Judd Apatow.

Speak Your Mind, Even If Your Voice Shakes – Joe Peacock And Kate Kotler

Joe Peacock writes; As you can imagine, the past few days have been an eye-opening experience. If for some reason you missed it, I wrote this article, which cause much discussion and dissension. I issued this response, and in the …

Antarctic Steampunk Girls Become Summer Girls – And More Ch-Ch-Changes

Has the bloom come off the copper-plated rose, where steampunk is concerned? I only ask because the trademark-baiting Antarctic Press’ Victorian Secret: Girls of Steampunk #1 has suddenly been retitled Victorian Secret: Girls of Summer #1. Which has a totally …

Two More Quick Promos For HBO’s Girls

Eight years after Undeclared, almost twelve years after Freaks and Geeks and a full fourteen years after The Larry Sanders Show, Judd Apatow returns to TV as the executive producer of Lena Dunham‘s Girls. And I think it looks rather …

New Trailers For HBO Series Veep And Girls, Behind The Scenes Of Their Sarah Palin Movie, Game Change

Veep is the first US TV series from Armando Iannucci, creator of The Thick of It and In The Loop and is, to a large extent, in the same vein. This is the first full trailer for the show, and …

First Trailer For Lena Dunham’s Girls – The Voice Of Her Generation?

Lena Dunham stars in and was the creator of Girls, a new show for HBO that boasts Judd Apatow as an executive producer. Actually, if we’re getting into bragging, I think the show should also be pretty cocky that it …

Geek Girl On The Street Reports: The Geek Tipping Point

Kate Kotler writes for Bleeding Cool; Ugh, in the wake of Miss USA declaring herself a “history geek” the Internet (which is usually “really really great for porn”) has been awash with columnists and bloggers declaring the “death of the …