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A New, Extended Trailer For Godzilla Brings The Noise

Wow. I like Godzilla more the more of it I see, and the more Bryan Cranston they give us. I’m starting to feel more and more confident that Gareth Edwards have done the near impossible and made a film with …

Another View Of Godzilla On New Poster For Gareth Edwards’ Reboot

The whole theme, color palette and tone of the marketing campaign this movie has just been really gorgeous and well executed.

We’ve Seen Over 20 Minutes Of Godzilla And Want To Tell You All About It – Context, Themes And Character

Including an interview with Gareth Edwards, the film’s director.

Massive Godzilla Trailer Breakdown Has Some Spoilery But Also Intriguing Revelations

How many monsters are in this thing? What is its relation to Gojira (1954)? And… Rodan!?

Godzilla Model Shows Off His Full Form, Drops Atomic Breath Clues

Alright ladies and gentlemen, I think it is just about time to get excited. Here is a picture of the new King of Monsters from Gareth Edwards upcoming Godzilla… in model form.

Godzilla Trailer Breakdown: Big, Bleak Lizard Destruction

What is that coming over the hill? It’s Godzilla! It’s Godzilla!

First Official Trailer For The New Godzilla

Finally. Up from the depths and considerably more than twenty storeys high. Some of that footage seems to come from the “mood piece” trailer shot for Comic-Con some months ahead of the principal photography. Will it make it all the …

Viral Site And Clip Tease Godzilla Trailer Coming Tomorrow

Indecipherable mysteries abound.

Original Teaser Trailer For The New Godzilla Appears Online – TOO LATE

That voiceover is audio of Robert Oppenheimer expressing his regret for his part in the development of the nuclear bomb by reading from The Bhagavad Gita.

Godzilla’s Ready For His Close-Up – A Good Clear Look At The King Of The Kaijus’ Face – TOO LATE

This image seems to perfectly match the glimpses of Godzilla’s face I saw in the Comic-Con footage, it’s just rather more stationary, in focus, longer lasting and well-lit.

First Teaser For Monsters Sequel, Dark Continent

The Middle East provides the setting for the follow-up to Gareth Edwards’ Monsters.

I Saw The Godzilla Trailer At Comic-Con And Want To Tell You About It

We’ve seen the Godzilla footage and try and explain the tone of the trailer for you.

I Came Face To Face With Godzilla, And Survived – The Godzilla Encounter

I walk you through step by step through the experience and try to describe what Godzilla looks like too.

New Godzilla Concept Art Shows An Attack On An Aircraft Carrier

Making waves before San Diego Comic Con kicks off.

Comic-Con Godzilla Poster Gives You Your Best Look At The Big Guy So Far

Holy wow, that is pretty.

Hawaii To Host 20% Of Gareth Edward’s Godzilla, Back Of Aaron Johnson’s Head And Special Effects

Are you sitting down? I have something to tell you. You know that movie Godzilla, right? Well, it’s going to have special effects in it.

New Godzilla Banner, More Evidence Of Multiple Monsters In The Film

The fact that Godzilla would have other creatures to fight was promised way back in September 2010, but a lot of rewrites happened in the meantime.

New Photo From The Godzilla Set Hints At An Iconic Moment

While it will take a little more than call back to satisfy me, I must say that I am excited by this nonetheless.